Bill of rights

By johnny kha

The bill of rights

The bill of rights protects citizens of the U.S.

The first amendment freedom of press speech

The first amendment is that you can follow any religion you want.

Court case; Northwest Indian cemetery protective association vs U.S.

The cemetery didn't want any logging around.Then they took it to court and the jury said the forest service can do construction where ever they want.

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The second amendment right for people to keep bear arms

The second amendment allows you to keep bear arms.

Court Case: Bliss vs. Commonwealth: This was the first major ruling over the right to keep bear arms. this was when a man named bliss was carrying a sword hidden in a cane. then he got fined 100 dollars for it and then he explained amendment 2 and the jury agreed.

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The third amendment Protection of quartering troops

The Third amendment says that the troops cant just enter your homes and demand things they want.

Court Case: Nevada case

This case was about when a police officer or soldier came in to a persons house to gain tactical advantage. Then he got sued and the person won.

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The fourth amendment Protection of unreasonable search

The fourth amendment says that officers cant do unreasonable searches.

Court case: Katz vs U.S

Charles katz was accused of transmitting illegal gambling info using a public phone. Then the U.S. was doing electronic eavesdropping. Then the Jury noticed that that was against the 4th amendment.

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the 5th amendment self incrimanation

The fifth amendment decides if they have enough evidence to charge.

court case: Chavez vs. Martinez

Oliverio Martinez was interrogated by Ben Chavez who was shot. Martinez felt it was violating him and Chavez was never charged.

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The 6th amendment triall by jury

The 6th amendment says that the jury decides if you are innocent. You can bring in a witness and lawyer. you go to court immediately.

Court case: Gideon vs. Wainwright

John Johnson was charged for using fake money then didn't have money for an attorney and then the counsel was expanded to state court in response to another case, Gideon vs. wainwright.

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The 7th amendment civil trial by jury

The 7th says if you are already charged and was innocent the first time you cannot be charged again for the same crime.

Court case: Harvey milk case

Dan white kills Harvey milk. He finished it with point blank shots to the head. White was charged with 7-8 months, because he said he was depressed

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The 8th amendment prohibits unusual punishment

The 8th amendment says that your punishment should be reasonable.

Court case: Gregg vs. Georgia

Gregg was involved in 5 different court cases. He was going to get the death penalty buy the law changed to law.

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The 9th amendment protection of rights

The 9th amendment says that the government cant take away your rights.

court case: Roe vs wade

Norma mcorvey was pregnant at 16. Illegal abortions were unsafe in Texas and she didn't have enough money to move to a different case. It was a high profile case and was preferred as Jane roe. she won the case but abortion was still illegal in Texas

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The 10th powers of state and people

The 10th amendment says that the constitution doesn't give power to do some things

Court case; Hammer vs. dagenhart

This case is about child labor. The child labor act forbid interstate shipment of products made by businesses that employed children. Roland dagenhart said the law was unconstitutional. then it was overturned

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