Make Monday Matter

August 31, 2015


"Action is the foundational key to all success".

Pablo Picasso

Heavy Hearts

The kindergartner, who lost his life last night and a tragic accident, was Bobby Moorhead, He was in Mrs. Aguilar's class. Please keep his family in your prayers,

Photo Booths

Kudos to those of you who helped w/the photo booths used during Meet the Teacher. They were so cute! Parents and students loved them.

C. Cutrer, L. Merritt, A. McGilvray and K. Presley

A. Hicks, T. Mach and A. Navarro

J. Warren, L. Lara, J. Pierce, M. Baldazo and V. Ruiz

Faculty Meeting

Yes we will have a faculty meeting tomorrow in the library.

We will meet this week and next Tuesday.

Tomorrow we will discuss Character Counts and next week we will discuss safety issues. (We will be taking a count of those of you who are needing magnets for your doors)


I am trying my best to do announcements daily between 8:40 & 8:45. Please stop wherever you are; say our pledges and pause for a moment of silence. This was discussed during our inservice days two weeks ago. Everyone from our front office to each classroom (even if you find yourself in the halls) will stop during announcements.


Most of you have done a fabulous job getting your attendance in between 9:15 & 9:30. Thank you so much---Keep up the good work.