Tomorrow's Footsteps

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Tomorrow's Footsteps

Walking, Walking, keep walking along,

walking, walking, been walking so long

Footsteps forced back on the sorrow road

Chains dragging the dust a heavy load

Bloody marks on tomorrow's road

Walking, Walking, keep walking along ...

Master caught a runaway

Tomorrow my son rise another day

Rise up my brothers free today

How do they hold the line so long?

How do they hold the line so strong??

With Denmark Vesey the line is long.

With Harriet Tubman walking along.

With John Brown's body marching along.

With Frederick Douglass the line holds


Footsteps joining from everywhere,

Heading for justice and getting there!

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This i what i see when i read this poem ^

It is slaves walking down the underground railroad, at night. Then they all meet up in the middle of their path.

5 words and why





I thought these words because they show how this person described what they saw and what they saw in there mind. Most of these words describe the meaning of bravery and perseverance. All these words are said in a way that describes a person or a goal.

Most Important Lines

"footsteps forced back on the sorrow road Chains dragging a heavy load."

"Rise up my brothers free today"

Poetic Device

Repetition: add's meaning to the poem, because it emphasizes it and shows how meaningful that line is. In this poem, walking, walking, walking, along is repetition because it says walking a lot.