Wooden Wilson

You better leaf him alone, he can withstand time!

Why Wilson?

Often it is difficult to determine whether a man is significant because of his own deeds or because he happened to be in the right place at the right time. Woodrow Wilson certainly presided over the nation at a memorable time, but his actions were significant and his policies still influence the United States today. For his ability to withstand time in some of the policies he created, Wilson will be depicted in this smore as "Wooden Wilson", the defender against his evil nemesis, World War I.

His Nemesis: World War I

Who is "World War 1"?

World War 1 is the shorthand name of World War v.1.0, an evil robot sent onto the Earth to stir up war and eventual pandemic destruction. In general, WW1 will be portrayed in comic books using his 5 evils against Wooden Wilson: German sinking of submarines, world resistance to initial peace treaties, the Mexican-German alliance(zimmerman note), the pressure on Wilson to travel and speak on his physical and mental health, and post-war British animosity towards establishing peace with Germany.

His Sidekick: Biography Baker

Ray Stannard Baker, along with his pen-name David Grayson, forms the sidekick to Wooden Wilson: Biography Baker. This little guy stands next to Wooden Wilson, metaphorically "baking" new biographies and recounting American politics, which lends immense support to Wilson during the presidential election of 1916. Only because of Baker's skill in journalism, loosely named "muckrackery", was Wilson able to effectively gain support of the population through media and therefore exert the wishes of the people and end the war against Germany, thus defeating the nemesis WW1.

How does the story end?!

After ineffectively negotiating with WW1 for a long period of time, Wooden Wilson finally succumbs to the will of his nemesis by engaging in war. In a final struggle, while Wooden Wilson's sidekick is distracted by a promising lead on a jouralism entry, WW1 goes face to face against our hero. Fortunately, Wilson uses his tool, the 14-point leaf, to cut down the goals of the evil robot WW1. The 14 point plan was established by Wilson in Versaille and outlined the conditions of an armistice in 1919 between all warring nations, particularly Germany. Even though many Europeans were reluctant to accept peace with Germany, our superhero saved the day, as well as the world.