Annabelle Ackling and Drew Louis

Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire



  • Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great
  • Founder on the Carolingian Empire
    Pope Leo II named him Emperor in 800
  • He expanded his kingdom into an empire that incorporated much of western and central Europe
  • Charlemagne’s Empire United most of western Europe which hadn't been done sense the Roman Empire.
  • He forcibly Christianized the people of the east especially the Saxons.
  • After Carlomans (his brother) death in 771 Charlemagne quickly took over the kingdom
  • Charlemagne built an empire greater than any known since ancient rome
  • By 800 his empire consisted of Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.
  • First emperor of western Europe
  • He removed the Lombards from power in italy

Essential Questions

What did Charlemagne do to expand the Carolingian Empire?

What did Charlemagne do to expand Christianity in western Europe?