The Roadrunner January 2019

“Roadrunners are fast, strong, and smart”

Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

We are excited to begin 2019 here at CPE. There is a lot to do and it is important to take on the challenges of the upcoming months with tenacity. This is the “meat and potatoes” time of year when we really focus on improving academic skills, knowledge and development of our core values. Our students will be working hard on improving their performance in math, reading & science. We are also preparing for Student Exhibition Night in April. This will be our 3rd Exhibition and we hope students and families will get a lot out of it.

As parents, your help in getting students to school on time, visiting with them about their day, and communicating with their teacher(s) is vital. Working together during this time of year will result in substantial academic gains. Thank you for all that you do.

With that said, let me say how proud I am of our students and staff. It is a pleasure to serve all of you each day.

With sincerity,

Walt Davenport



P.S. - If you are looking for a great motivational speech, take a look at the video embedded below (trust me... worth the 20 minutes). As a parent and as someone that often needs a good reminder of the things I need to focus on, I really benefited from the points brought up by Admiral McRaven. Enjoy.....

Upcoming Events....

1-10-19 PTO Meeting 6:00 p.m.

1-21-19 No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

1-28-19 No School (Professional Development Day)

2-18-19 No School (President's Day)

2-21-19 Literacy Night (5:30-7:30 p.m.)

3-11-19 No School (Professional Development Day)

3-20 through 3-22 No School (Spring Conferences)

3-25 through 3-29 No School (Spring Break)

New Facility Additions to CPE....

Over the Holiday break, our staff (Davin, Josh, Susan and Leo) installed 2 new learning areas for CPE students. Due to the financial support of our parents through PTO fundraising efforts and District budget resources, we were able to create a 3D Printing Lab and a Podcast Lab! Both areas are aimed at involving the tools of our culture within math, reading and science curriculum & standards. It is an exciting time for students and staff at CPE. Stay tuned for our upcoming creations and projects from these new learning environments. Thank you for your support in making access to these tools a reality for students at our school.

Our 3rd Student Exhibition Night

Mark your Calendars



April 26th


This will be a busy night for all students as they share their story of learning through a variety of projects.

Be on the lookout for more information coming home with your student(s).

Check out the links below as a reminder of last year's event...What a great time!

Cold and Flu Season is Here!

A friendly reminder: The most important way to prevent the spread of colds and flu is practicing good hand and cough hygiene. Model and teach your children how to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, throughout the day; before /after meals, after coughing or touching their faces, after toileting. Demonstrate how to “cough in your sleeve” rather than covering a cough with a hand to help limit hand-to-surface-to-hand spread of illnesses.

If your child has a temperature over 100.5 degrees, is vomiting, or is not feeling well enough to participate in school, please keep them home. The recommendation is fever below 100.5 (without fever reducing medication) and no vomiting for about 24 hours before returning to school. Your child’s behavior is also important to consider-do they feel well enough to be at school, or feel “too” well to be at home?

Regular school attendance is very important for all of our children. Let’s work together to keep our school healthy.

Vaccine Exclusion Day is Feb 20th

Get your child immunized now so they don't miss school!

La Clinica in Central Point (beside the water park) can assist you in getting your child to get caught up on their required immunizations before the exclusion day.

Contact the La Clinica to make an appointment (541-535-6239). They are able to see patients until 6:00 p.m. Your student does not have to be a patient of La Clinica to get vaccinations.

PTO Meetings at C.P.E.

Thursday, Jan. 10th, 6pm

450 South 4th Street

Central Point, OR

PTO at CPE...Welcome or welcome back from your CPE PTO! We have a great group of parents returning that truly love getting together to help organize and facilitate the many wonderful and worthwhile events throughout the year. What we are really excited about is the chance to get to know you, the person who has wanted to get involved, but just hasn’t had the time or ability. Make this the year you take a chance and get involved, you’ll love it!! We meet on the first Thursday of every Month (except Sept) in the School Library from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Our upcoming meetings are set for January 10th and February 7th at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. We look forward to seeing you there.

Box Tops

The PTO has already received $1000’s in box tops rewards over the years!! Thank you for continuing to support our collection efforts. Our combined effort has a huge impact on achieving our goals in PTO and improving student achievement/opportunities. The collection bin is located in the front foyer.

For more information on this program visit:

Medicine at School

It is important to communicate with the front office staff in the event your student needs to take medication during the school day. Students must not have medication in their possession. We have a secure area for student medications and procedures in place to ensure the highest safety levels. Medications must remain in the prescribed container. Call Elaine Cook for additional information .


Attendance.....being absent, leaving early, changing pick up plans.

Please call the school when your child is absent. This helps us tremendously. Also, if your plans change regarding where your student is going after school (bus, daycare, walking, etc.) please call before 2:00. We cannot always get the message to your student(s) if you call later than that time. Thank you.

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