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Friday, November 20th

Social Studies

We are going to begin a small project in social studies. Students will be given the name of a Native American tribe that once lived in Indiana or the surrounding areas. Students will go to the computer lab to research the tribe. Students will create a poster together on their tribe next week. I would love for students to gather more research over the weekend if you have time and computer capabilities. They should know the name of their tribe.

Winter Party

We will be having our winter party on December 18th. The party will last throughout the day with different activities. Below is a sign-up where you can help out. I will only need parent volunteers from 10:10- 11:40 for the party. Anyone is welcome to join us for our party during this time.

We will be having a pizza lunch in our classroom; I am asking that each child send in at least $2.oo to help cover the cost of the pizza. If you would rather your child bring in their own lunch on that day, then no money is required. Please send in the money by Friday, December 11th.

Please copy and paste the link into your browser to help out with crafts, games, and snacks for our Winter Party.

Specialty Animal Book Change

Students will be bringing home a green paper in their mail on Friday. This will have the name of another classmate and their specialty animal. This will be the "secret friend" who you are to purchase a book for the class book exchange. Please purchase a book on the animal that is listed on the paper. You will need to begin your search early, as many of the bookstores near Zionsville sell out. All third grades in the district do this. If the animal on the paper is rare you might want to look online to find a book. If you can't find a book on the specific animal you might want to look for a book on the habitat that the animal would live. Please ask if you have questions.

SGE's Family Night with the Pacers

Do you enjoy watching a high-energy game? Do you enjoy a night of fun with friends and family? What if we combined the two?

The Indiana Pacers will be hosting Stonegate Elementary for SGE's Family Night with the Pacers on Friday, December 18th. Families and Staff have an opportunity to purchase discounted tickets that include the seat, hot dog, chips, a soft drink and an opportunity to shoot a FT on the floor after the game. This will be a very fun night and a great way to kick-ff the start of Winter Break. Please consider joining others from the SGE community - families, teachers and staff - in celebrating a night of fellowship and basketball!

The deadline for returning registration forms for our Family Night with the Pacers has been extended until Monday, November 16th. We hope to see you there!

If there are any questions or concerns about SGE's Family Night with the Pacers please contact Steve Strecker (


We are working through Chapter 4 in Math. We will have our chapter test on Tuesday, November 11th. We will review on Monday.

Don't forget that we will take a multiplication quiz every Tuesday/Thursday. Students need to miss no more than 2 to move to the next set. If they miss 3 or more they will retake the quiz again.

We will take the tests in the following order: 2, 10, 3, 11, 4, 5, 6, 9, 7, 8, and 12.



This week we worked on fairy tales. We read several different titles and talked about the characteristics. Next week we will begin legends.


Our grammar focus was on subjects and predicates. Next week we will work on locating them in sentences.


We continue working on our informational writing unit and worked on the structure of descriptive writing.

Dates to Remember


16th- Spencer the dog visits our classroom @ 10:30

17th- Family Science Night

18th- Drama Club play

19th- Zionsville History @ 2:30

19th- Dine for Dollars at Carolina Grill

20th- Evacuation drill @ 9:30

20th- Western Wear Dress day - Date Change

25th-29th- Thanksgiving Break

Words Their Way

I had a few questions about our Words Their Way program so I wanted to attach an article that I received from our reading specialist. I hope this clears up a few of the questions as to why we do this program.