Student Orginization Recruitment

By: Ryan Reische

Who is this club for, and what's this group about? / Why did I choose this club?

Anyone who loves to read and discuss read topics is allowed to come and join in.

This group is a group of people that like to read and discuss what the stories and topics of the stories were about.

I chose this club because reading is often good for your mind and it can be a relaxing way to spend time.

How to join up or get others to join / satisfaction of group members.

Anyone is allowed to join in so long as they sign up for the club and anyone can bring friends or family to join up too.

Satisfaction: This group allows for those who love to read to be able to find some place quiet to read and talk to others, our members can also vote on what book we read next.

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Relationship to Maslow's hierarchy

Some people may want to join this club to meet new people or rekindle their love for reading. Others can come to find a nice place to relax and spend some time on something that can be considered relaxing.