The Geography of Egypt

Did you know...

The Egyptian Nile

The Nile river is Egypt's main source for water. The Nile River provides the Egyptians with two things a water source and a food source. The Nile river provides food by giving the people fertile land. Many people love to live around that area because of these two reasons.

The Sahara desert

The Sahara desert is very useful. The Sahara desert helps the Egyptians a lot. This feature keeps the invaders from other lands out of their land. There is a flaw though, the flaw is that since it is so hot some crops around that area can't grow.

Eladio Mora

It has been an adventure learning about Egypt's geography. Egypt has a lot of interesting facts about the land and tools that they used in their time.Like the shadoof, it kind of changed their life by giving them a new way of farming. The Nile River is another one to, it helped them by producing fertile land and a source of water.