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Mid-February? Really?

I can't believe we are already in mid-February! This year is flying by and we have yet another busy week at Sequiota! This Thursday, Jaimie, Stacey & I have the opportunity to present to other schools about our journey with Kai & Ethan. This is a presentation we will also be sharing with you in a staff meeting so you will better understand the changes the SPED department has made and your role in those changes as classrooms teachers and staff.

As most of you know, Jaimie Keyes, Linda Pawlowski and Sara Dougherty will be retiring at the conclusion of this school year. All three have contributed to making Sequiota the top notch school it is. I want to take a moment to thank them for their dedication to our students, school & community! You will be missed, but not forgotten! We will look forward to celebrating their service & dedication closer to the end of this school year. With big shoes left to fill, we begin the interview process this week and will keep you posted as we search for the BEST candidates available.

  • The Sequiota Sock Hop is this Friday! I look forward to seeing you there enjoying the evening with your students and families!
  • We have a Civility Assembly this Thursday. This time should be spent working with your grade level team completing the PBL Unit Plan that was shared in last weeks Memo. All documents that you need are on Canvas under the PBL button.
  • Matt R. will be attending our February 23rd staff meeting as a google follow up. Please complete the survey below to let us know what questions you have for him. Please complete this by Wednesday, Feb. 17th so Matt can prepare for the meeting. CLICK HERE: PLEASE COMPLETE BY THIS WEDNESDAY
  • Reminder that class school supply lists are due Feb. 29th.


"Great teachers have a plan and purpose for everything they do. If plans don't work out the way they had envisioned, they reflect on what they could have done differently and adjust accordingly."

According to Todd Whitaker, in a great teachers classroom, very little happens at random. Great teachers have a plan and purpose for everything they do. A great example he provided was when a teacher had allowed students to choose their own partners and was complaining that 2 students choose each other for a partner all the time-and get nothing done. Great teachers intentionally arrange, rearrange, alter, and adjust the structures that frame their teaching consistently.

This week, I would challenge you to reflect on the things you find yourself complaining about and see if there is something that you can rearrange or alter to improve that area.


Bobbie deserves the spotlight for many, many reasons! Bobbie has been flexible in teaching K and 3rd grade. Bobbie has excellent classroom management and each and every time you walk into her classroom you will find students who are self-regulated and know exactly what to do and where to go. Bobbie excels at teaching Guided Reading and is excellent at not only keeping data but using that data to move students. Effective classroom management doesn't occur without building relationships with students and this is something Bobbie does well. Consistent is a word I would use to describe Bobbie. Bobbie does what's best for her students consistently-even when it's not easy. Bobbie is innovative and tries to make her lessons engaging by giving students choice and having them work in groups. This year I have seen lots of STEM activities and "tweaking" lessons to make sure that students are thinking critically. When I walk into Bobbie's room, I see her working alongside her students. Bobbie has been a great teammate for teaching Katie the ropes in 3rd grade and I have seen continuous collaboration and all 3rd grade students have reaped the benefits! Bobbie is always willing to try new things and has jumped into trying Genius Hour with her students and was willing and is excited to attempt "co-teaching" next year with Katie. Thank you Bobbie for modeling continuous learning for your students and always pushing yourself to try new things that benefit your students! Everyday at Sequiota is "A Beautiful Day" with Bobbie Griffin as a member of our tribe!
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