My Life

By:Gisselle Carolina Anaya-Castillo

My Family

I'm in a family of 5. I'm the second child, I have an older brother who just turned 20 and attending Catawba College, I also have a little sister who is 11 and attending West Rowan Middle School.
I also own 3 dogs. 2 are female and male German Shepard's, their names are Sammy and Shadow and I adore them and 1 pit bull named Milo that is the sweetest thing and their all very playful and protective but gentle when we play. I put my dogs in this category is because their part of my family and I love them so much, both my family and them equally.

Sports I love

I love to play a variety of sports. My top three sports I love to play are soccer, swimming, and running. I love to move around and go outside to breath all the fresh air and wind flowing through my hair so refreshing.

Favorite subjects

I love history because of all the turning events that occurred during history. I also love math because I like to figure out problems.

Best Friend's

My best friends are supportive of me and have my back.

What I want to be

I want to be a dentist when I finish high school and attend medical school to proceed my goal in the future.