Welcome to the O2 team!

Welcome to our Origami Owl Team!

Your journey as an Independent Designer is about to begin!

Team Tuttle Welcomes YOU!

Hello and welcome! My name is Kristen Tuttle and I am currently a Director with Origami Owl. I am one of your "upline" leaders. Your Mentor is who introduced you to Origami Owl, is either myself or one of my amazing downline (success line) Designers/Leaders! Together we make up a this TEAM and together we will help you build a successful business!

In Direct Sales we use the terms upline and a downline constantly. Your upline consists of your mentor, their mentor and your upline Leaders . Your downline (success line) consists of Designers you brought in, everyone they brought in and so on.
Here is a list of your upline Leaders:
Heidi Russell - Direct to Corporate and Executive Director

Leslie Rhoads - Senior Director

Lisa Vining - Senior Director (my Mentor)

Kristen Tuttle - Director

Tools for Success!

When you receive your Origami Owl Kit, take some time to go through all the goodies you have received! It's FUN! Inside you will find a great assortment product. You will also find the Start Living Your Dreams Book. Use this guide as a path to help you on your journey.

I'm a Designer! Now What?

  • Log into your Back Office and start clicking! To LOG IN: go to www.origamiowl.com Click on "designer login" located at the top right of the page. Enter your Designer ID# and your password.
  • The Back Office Resources TAB is full of great information and has an entire section dedicated to New Designers!
  • Order your business cards here: https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/?p=select-template&id=1. You can also use the templates in the back office to make your own, but these from flyers direct are amazing quality.
  • Create your Facebook page! See the doc named "Facebook Page Tips" located under files in our Team Facebook Group.
  • Get your A.L.I.C.E list going (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kid Connections & Significant Others connections)
  • Once you have that list going.......start contacting them and booking those Jewelry Bars!
  • Plan your launch party. If your mentor is local, she/he may be able to help you. It is helpful to have as much product as possible for your guests to see/play with. Your mentor may be able to bring product that is in their display to your launch party.
  • Someone wants to schedule an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar! What do I do? First of all, way to go! Jewelry bars are the foundation of your business. After she gives you a date and time, she gets a hostess folder. Make sure you go over it with her. It is a great resource for your hostess. You should include 3 toms (our take out menu), 3 order forms (outside orders will help boost her party totals), some paper invitations, a Hostess Exclusive flyer (tells her what The Nest is giving for that quarter to qualifying hostesses), a points of difference flyer (tells her everything she needs to know about our products), a join our team flyer (she should be the next designer on your team!), and a career chart. Giving her proper coaching and support will ensure a better turn-out for her. Remember, she needs to invite everyone because generally only a quarter will show up!
  • Please keep this link handy. It is a link to the Team Calendar. Many useful dates and reminders about everything Origami Owl! http://teamup.com/ksb8125e03719cc96c/

What if they say NO?

Expect the No
An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.

When people don't KNOW they say NO. This is to be expected. Do not take it personally. Through practice, you will learn to move past these responses. Below is a list of standard responses one might hear when inviting people to a Jewelry Bar. Remember that you are combating their preconceived notion of a party (good or bad). After all, an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar isn't your average home party - this is an experiential event where your guests will create their own amazing jewelry that reflects their style and their story. You have to paint a compelling image in their minds. Everyone says the same things so don't feel like you are the only one getting these responses. Remember that everyone will not be able to make it to your Launch Party. For a successful show, you only need a handful. Do look for opportunities to turn that “No” into a booking.

Set yourself up for a YES by:
Leading with passion and enthusiasm
Asking open ended questions
Offer to send some product information or drop by in person

“I’m busy”
I am so sorry you can’t make it! I am so anxious for you to see Origami Owl’s jewelry! Why don’t I pop by tomorrow after work and give you a private showing. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

“I can’t purchase anything”
“Susan I completely understand. I really want you to come and there is a way you could still help me… bring a few of your friends. I need to grow my circle to launch my business. And maybe you will consider hosting a show of your own? I really want your opinion on Origami owl’s jewelry. You have such fantastic taste.”

“I just went to jewelry show”
“This really isn’t like any other kind of jewelry company out there. We are not talking about matching sets of earrings and necklaces with O2. This is a completely customizable collection that is all about you! I also can not wait to hear how what you think!”

“My Sister sells XYZ”
“Bring her! This really isn’t like any other kind of jewelry company out there. We are not talking about matching sets of earrings and necklaces with O2. This is a completely customizable collection that is all about you! I think you are both going to enjoy building your lockets together. It is such a bonding experience!

“I am not a home show kind of person”
This really isn't like any other home show you have ever experienced. Let me send you some information on the Living Lockets and you can see what you think. I promise no silly games. I think you will love the product. You custom create a locket that tells your story. When I saw the _____ charm, I thought of you immediately. It will be a fun night out and I would love your opinion. I am super excited about it.

O2 Connection Newsletter!

The O2 Connection is a monthly newsletter that Origami Owl will create just for you to send out to customers. The newsletter is written on your behalf and is sent to the customers you list in your Back Office. You will receive registration links to receive this service very soon.
If you have not received a link to set this up, you can try these steps:

  1. go to:https://partypulseglobal.imakenews.com/Account/LogOn
  2. Under Account Name type: origamiowl (all one word no spaces)
  3. Enter your Designer ID # as the username and the same password you use to enter the back office (revolution). If that does not work go to step 4
  4. Click on "click here to reset your password"
  5. For username use your Designer ID#

Business Cards!

Now that you are an "Official" Origami Owl Designer, you will need to order your business cards. Origami Owl has an exclusive partnership with Flyers Direct for our business cards. Flyers Direct offers many options for Design and the quality is incredible! Designers may not use any other company to create or design business cards. The link to order from Flyers Direct is:

You may also want to consider rack cards. They are bigger than a business card and hold more info. As of September 23, I don't have a file for an updated rack card.

Contact Info!

Your first point of contact should always be your Mentor. Your Mentor should be able to answer your question in a timely fashion. If they are unable to help you, please contact your upline leader.

To Contact via Telephone:
The Nest / Designer Care
(888) 491-0331 Monday-Friday 7am to 7pm MST

To Contact via Email:
Then use the drop down options to select which department/issue you need to email.

To mail back exchanges/damages use this address:
Call the nest and they will be able to send you a return label. Please remember to still fill out the form located in the back office under tools, document library, business forms.

Origami Owl Mission

Our Mission is to be a Force For Good; to Love, Inspire & Motivate people of all ages to reach their Dreams & Empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

You can always reach me on my cell by calling or texting: 571-288-3110 or my home 571-222-7370. My email address is kristen@createyourlocket.com. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

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