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The Gift of Self-Acceptance

I am afraid that the closer we get to the Light, the more of our shadow we see. Thus, truly holy people are always humble people. Invariably when something upsets us, and we have a strong emotional reaction out of proportion to the moment, our shadow self has just been exposed. So, watch for any overreactions or over denials. The reason that a mature or saintly person can be so peaceful, so accepting of self and others, is that there is not much left of the hidden shadow self

Richard Rohr - the challenge and great gifts that come from working with our shadow self

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Hi Everyone,

We have had much pleasure in welcoming 10 former Holy Rosary students from both Newman College and St Mary’s this term on work experience and for Christian Service. It really is a privilege to be in a position to welcome these students and see how they are progressing on their respective journeys. Likewise with the Hale Connect programme which sees several students from next door come to engage with and have lunch with our Siena students, we see some former students. We understand that when the options for Hale students are made available, the Siena Centre is the first one which is filled to capacity. Next week we also welcome Iona College students, their focus being on Christian service. We see a lot of our former students, we are delighted to do so, and we thank them for being so enthusiastic about remaining connected to our place.

Next week sees many of our students engaged in a number of cultural and academic activities. The Year Three Gang are heading to the Zoo on Monday, and our whole school mass celebrating the Feast of the Assumption is on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, some students have elected to enter the first ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools - an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement) English assessment. Scitech incursions on Wednesday, and our Year Six Gang heading to Fremantle Prison on Friday wraps up the week!

Have a great weekend


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Tuesday 15 August

  • Whole School Mass 9am

Wednesday 16 August

  • Scitech Incursion PP - Yr6

Friday 25 August

  • Book Week Parade 8:55am

Friday 25 August

  • Music a Viva Concert incursion

Making Jesus Real in Pre-Kindy

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Primary Champion School Cross Country August 3

Dear Holy Rosary families,

We are thrilled to share the accomplishments of our students who participated in the Primary Champion School Cross Country event held at UWA Sports Park on August 3rd.

This event brought together the best young athletes from all over the state, all eager to showcase their dedication, determination, and love for running. The event often has up to 300 runners in each race and all races are run at a breakneck speed with everyone giving 200%.

Our students put their best foot forward, conquering the challenging course with enthusiasm and grit. It is with great pride that we congratulate each participant for their efforts. Among the outstanding performances, we would like to give special recognition to those who made it into the top 100 rankings:

1. Noah G - Placed 62nd

2. Milla G - Placed 96th

3. Tayte M - Placed 92nd

4. Ben F - Placed 94th

5. Luke M - Achieved an impressive 51st position

6. Emme C - Secured the 29th spot

7. Every C - Finished strong at 30th place

8. Grace G - Shone brightly in 17th place

9. Axel J - Attained the 88th position

Parents if you google Primary Champion School Cross Country and click on 2023 Live Results you can see every result from the carnival there.

These students demonstrated exceptional dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship as they tackled the cross country course. We applaud their hard work and commitment, and we are truly proud of their achievements. Their success not only reflects their individual efforts but also the commitment and support within the entire squad.

We also extend our gratitude to Mr Kinder and Ms O’Neill for their help on the day and Mrs Catherall for helping to train and motivate the squad.

As we celebrate these achievements, let us remember that participation and dedication are what truly matter.

Rob Flexman

Phys Ed Teacher

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Only 4 players are left in the Senior Chess Tournament. Good luck to you all!! Book Week is in 2 weeks – I hope everyone has started putting together their costumes. Students are encouraged to be like the Lorax by re-using what they already have at home to save money and the environment. This week everyone in 3C remembered their library books and bags. You are champions!! Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Butson

"A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside." - Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne.

Holly Butson

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A Couple of Reminders

I’m sure that they will come as a surprise to nobody.


Yes please! This includes school shoes, not sports shoes, with regular uniform for Years 1-6. Again, staff time spent teaching and looking after our children and not policing uniforms is far and away our preferred option.

Thank you for your help and support for both of these matters - we appreciate it.


Please do not park like this. Please use the parking areas, or, in the case of children in Years 1-6, please use the drive through.

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“What do you love about your mum working in the canteen?”

Fox 4C: I get to see her and she makes the best nachos!

Tegan 6D: I can always come and see her and she gives me “free” food.

Blake 5C: I get to skip the line and I get to see my mum at school.

Erica 1C: I love when she gives me the smiley face pikelets.

Taylor 6D: I get to see mum and I get “free” stuff.

Lotte 5C: I can see her when I come down to the canteen.


Did you know most State Government departments offer their employees two, paid days of Community Involvement Leave each year?

These days could be utilised well to help in the school canteen without having to use one of your precious annual leave days! Working in the canteen is also a great way to meet other awesome parents and see the kids smiles at lunch time.

To join the canteen fun (it is not hard or scary) please email admin@hrs.wa.edu.au or text Leanna on 0414 953 958.

Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 14 August: M. Nolan, B. Luca

Wednesday 16 August: E. Starkey, C McClymont

Friday 18 August: Z. Zarb, G. Aliaga

Wednesday Soup: Pumpkin 🎃🍜

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Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests

Free Nasal Rapid Antigen Tests - 5 per family, parents/guardians to collect from outside admin.
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Signing up for the entertainment book not only unlocks savings on your favourite restaurants, fast food faves, holidays, outings and much much more, but 20% of the proceeds of sale also come directly back to the P&F to support Holy Rosary School.

Please use link above to purchase direct through the Holy Rosary fundraiser site, and feel free to share with your friends and extended community!

Discovery Kids runs the before and after school care at Holy Rosary School.

  • Five days a week during term time
  • Vacation Care during school holidays.
  • Available for children attending Kindy through to Year Six


Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au

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2023 Term Dates and Student Free Days

Term 3 - Wednesday 19 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December

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