Japanese new year. の新年


Kinpira gobo

Kinpira gobo is braised burdock root. Gobo has the meaning of good harvest and is often used in New Year's cooking. Kinpira means to simmer. you can purchace gobo from market stalls and vegtable shops. Gobo does sound very nice, and a good thing to try.

Making temakizusushi

Hand-rolled sushi is called temakizushi. Having your guests make their own sushi might be fun. Guests roll their own sushi, choosing fillings.

Prepare various fillings so that guests have lots of choices. Cut ingredients into sticks or slices, then place them colorfully on a large plate. then your guests at new years can make their own temakizusushi.

New Years in Japan

New year

Since 1873, the Japanese New Year has been celebrated along the streets in japan. with their unique festivals and their dragons, japan are well known for their traditional festivals. people from all rount the world come to watch their proforamces. then at night Japan also comes alive with its fire works and letting off of lanterns. they celebrate the new year to forget the old year and to welcome the new. all through new years day they are feasting on all the lovely Japanese foods.