Portugal vs Ethopia

What is the difference between the populations?


Portugal's Population is 10,601,185 & the Population sits at almost half for men and women in the population. Men in the population (5,136,715 , 48.5%) and for women (5,464,648 ,51.5%) Life expectancy in Portugal for men it's 75.3 years and female is 82 years. Portugal's food supply is stable. Most people in Portugal live in small apartments. Overtime the population has been the same but going up and Portugal is a stable country.


Ethiopia Population is 103,365,912 the current population for females in Ethiopia is 51,921,026 and the male population is at 51,444,912. The male life expectancy is 53.6 while the female life expectancy is 58.8. Ethiopia is one of many african countries thats effected by the lack of food. In Ethiopia they live in rural with most people living in highlands and some people also live in the small town they have. The population for Ethiopia has changed overtime because of lack of food so the population has actually gone down.