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Weekly newsletter for staff 13th December 2019

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Dance Performance - Please ensure that all your dancers are changed into their dance clothes well before the 9:30 am performance so that they can get started on time, thank you.
  • Sam - Sam will be joining us full time in January so PPA will stay the same for everyone with the addition of NQT time for Chelsea on Thursday mornings and PPA time for Angela on Tuesday morning. Monday and Friday mornings, Sam will be providing additional cover across EYFS unless needed due to staff absence.
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Monday 16th -

  • 08:00 Fire alarm service
  • 09:30 Dance Assembly - Please ensure children are changed ready
  • 09:30 Jayne Ball to see MM (Willow)
  • 13:45 Y2/Y3 performance to whole school
  • 15:30 Birch Class Open evening

Tuesday 17th -

  • KS2 Christmas Craft day
  • KW out am SHPS - no worship
  • 14:00 Y2/Y3 Performance to parents
  • 15:30 Staff meeting Subject Leadership/ Deep Dives

Wednesday 18th -

  • 09:00 Olivia Social Stories to meet parents (ZP) & observe (LH & AG)
  • 10:00 Y2/ Y3 Performance to parents
  • pm CS out
  • 14:30 House Picnic - Orange Spitfires

Thursday 19th -

  • 10:00 Y4/5/6 Performance to school
  • 12:00 Christmas Lunch
  • 13:30 J.Miller to see KW (SEND)

Friday 20th -

  • EYFS - Y2 Christmas Crafts day
  • 09:00 Just B Councillor
  • 10:00 Y4/5/6 Christmas Performance

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Thank you and Well done.....

Please let me know by Friday lunchtime if you want to add anything into this bit of the Pro!

Congratulations to Emma and family on the safe arrival of baby Sonny - we can't wait to meet him.

Thank you to everyone who has had to move around or share staff whilst people have been off. I know its not easy especially when you have planned for having support but sometimes there is no other alternative.

Thanks to everyone that helped to cover lunchtime today, you are all stars!

Welcome to Chelsea who will be taking over in Birch class officially from January for 2 terms

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to: