Pubic lice



Pubic lice, commonly called crabs, are tiny insects found in your genital area. They are a different type of louse from head lice and body lice. The most common way to get pubic lice is through sexual intercourse.


If you have had sexual intercourse with your partner, and they have the disease one way to treat it is to see a doctor or a gynecologist right away. You may be prescribed a medication or to get a over the counter medicine that kills the lice and their eggs.

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With appropriate home care or prescription medication, more than 90% of lice infestations can be cured.Treatments are more effective in killing lice than nits. This is why combing is so important to remove eggs and to repeat the anti lice treatment in seven to 10 days. The proper treatment, including thorough cleaning, should get rid of the lice. Scratching can make the skin become raw, or even cause a skin infection. Lice respond well to treatment and are not associated with any lasting symptoms.