Literature Around Us

12th Grade British Lit

S'more #1 What is Media Literate

Media is a plural of medium. The way most people today use the word media is as a collective communication tool that is used to and deliver information to anyone who wants to receive this information, or to just the general public. Tools people use to access news or just general information would be from the internet, newspapers, magazines, and news channels on television, billboards, books, music, and the radio. Media is not only used to inform people widely around the world but it is also used to influence people. People in Asia may want to know about what the bombing of Pearl Harbor was and my go online to look it up and read news articles and websites with information about this topic.

Media Literacy is the ability to not only access, analyze, evaluate information but to also be able to create media. People that are media literate are the youth or adults. Due to the fact that they will be able to better understanding complex messages. Media literacy skills include developing critical thinking skills, understanding how media messages shape our culture and society, discover the parts of the story that are not being told, being able to recognize if the information or the story being told is bias, or if your being misinformed. Media literacy is the 21st century approach to education because media literacy skills are included in educational standard in every state. The reason for this is due to the fact that when we use technology to communicate in our everyday life we are using a form of media, and the only way to know if you’re doing it correctly is if your media literate.

What can i do -S'more #2


What can I do? I could say I promise to shut down anyone I see bad mouthing or being rude to another person but it may not be entirely true. One, lots of people talk bad about someone whether it be an acquaintance from school or someone in the spotlight. Two, they can come after me as well, and I'm not just saying this, but it’s from experience; about a year ago on twitter I commented on a friends tweet saying that I agreed with what she was saying about an artist but three of his fans took this to heart came at the both of us and this didn't go one for a day but for a week. And finial I could say that I promise to tell a trusted adult but I doubt I’d need to, unless it gets too out of hand.

But there are still thing that I can do, and will do. If I see a friend being harassed online I would tell them and help them like a good friend but it would be by getting both parties to calm down and talk it out in person rather than online for everyone to see. From there they could talk about why they have this problem and how we can all fix it with a reasonable answer. Like not to have either of them talk about the other or have them work on past problems they may still have dumb grudge they have. And if that doesn’t work I could always mention that if we go to a trusted adult and tell them they could get in serious trouble at school and if they want to keep it going even mention pressing charges to where they have to pay a fine or even get jail time.

S'more #3

Superbowl Commercial Analysis Preci

The 2016 Hyundai Genesis car commercial that had ,comedian, Kevin Hart as the Father of the girl going on her date, we see him as a concered father following her and her date after letting her date use his car(Kevin's) to go out, because he can track the cars location.

Using the car locater, Kevin follows them all around town first the movies, then to the carnival and finaly to a seculuded spot over looking the city, when every the boy trys to make a move Kevin comes out from hiding to make sure nothing happens.

Using the locations commonly used first dates, the movies, the carnival, and secret spot overlooking the city, the male that is on a date with Kevin's daughter takes her to these locations in a way to get to know her better and make a connection.

The comerical opens and closes with Kevin "wanting to make sur that his daught and her date have a good time and are happy", the target aduenice is parents, with children what are at the age what are going out with dates and would like to keep a tab on their child, with a humorous tone.

S'more #4 The Men We Don't Adore

How does Gender in Advertising affect society?

Whenever you flip through a magazine, or turn on a TV, or even go online you will see a product that is being pushed toward you to buy. The usually are targeted towards certain people or genders. The Gender roles in advertises for male and female are very different from each other. In a commercial or ad directed toward males, they tend to be about how if they wear or use a specific item then all the girls will come after them. Or they will seem laid-back and lazy, but not doing what their wife, or mother told them to do. They also use a very attractive female to get male attention and try to lure them into buying a product. And when they use females in male commercials they are either using or trying to use them. But that not how really are going to react, yes they may like the product on a male but I doesn’t mean a group of females will fight over a guy.

Another thing about male ads is that they have changed over time. In the olden day they were more of the male playing the dominate role and the wife would be cooking or cleaning and he would tell her something and she would do it or she could beg him to buy her a specific cleaning product because it’s the best. Now females are the ones in change in the commercials. And the reason is for the back lash they may get, if a male was telling women what to do or that she should buy something because it will make her look better. It will come off as an insult or even as the male is trying to control the female and that’s not how females are treated nowadays.

S'more #5

Media Manipulation

Four ways companies manipulates their viewer in commercials is by lifestyle, attractiveness, fear, and an "Experts" opinion. With lifestyle they try to get to the viewers by showing how amazing they're life would be with a product. For example, in Windex commercials they "show" how Windex leaves windows so clean birds fly into them thinking there's nothing there. With attractiveness they use a beautiful female model or handsome male model in many ways. They can use a beautiful female to help indorse a game to males or a male for a brand, saying they’ll only date a girl if she wears this brand. The use fear buy showing what can go wrong or why other products are bad or harmful around children and, or pets. And finally the “expert” opinion, the expert is usual someone that is a doctor or has a doctoral degree and is telling the views that that product is the best of the best.

Commercials can also be hypcrical. For example, McDonald saying that they’re kid’s meals is healthy, because they added fruit to the meal, and gave the choice of having milk as the drink instead of soda. But they are still serving meals for kids that have high amounts of calories.

S'more #6 Should Apple Fix

Apple, one of two things come to mind your either think of a big, red, juicy fruit, or your thinking about Apple the technology company, that is well known for its products such as iPod, iPhone, MacBook’s, and many more. Right now Apple, the technology company, is being taken to court by the FBI in order to help them hack into an iPhone that belonged to Syed Farook , one of the San Bernardino shooters. Everyone is taking sides on this freedom vs. security case. The side I choose is freedom. If Apple has to create a soft wear that can hack into their system it can create big problems later on. Somehow latter on Criminals may be able to hack into other iPhone or apple products and steal customer information. This could not only hurt Apple but their customers as well. People nowadays rely on their phones for everything. People use their phones to do almost everything, from reading, to checking their bank account to taking and keeping their pictures to even their health information. Not only that but it's the FBI there are other ways to hack into a phone. The government has been able to hack and get access to records of criminals and companies data bases since before the FBI started. Yes Apple could help the FBI come up with new ways that they can get access to the information on the iPhone other than breaking through apples software, and hurting themselves in the end, or before someone less comes in and helps the FBI.

S'more #7~ 1984: Agree or Disagree

“Reporters should submit their work to government officials so they may determine if it’s a threat to the country.”

I don’t agree with this statement. For one it goes against first amendment, which states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition of the government. Freedom of speech which is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restrain, which goes hand in hand with freedom of the press which gives use the right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government. This is a big deal in the US because other counties don’t allow their citizens to speak out and poorly of their government and what it’s doing with threats to the country. An example would be North Korea; the government there controls everything from what the citizens have access to what their dictator wants them to know about outside countries even to the type of hair cuts that are aloud.

The definition of a threat is a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done. The only reason something that a reporter is reporting about the government that can be harmful, “a threat”, would be if the government has done something wrong, in the countries and presses eyes, or there was a leak about someone in a high position in the government has come out, and will damage that persons reputation. But reporters only report about topic that are a big deal, about what is affecting the country and some pop culture stuff. But they do get most of their information regarding important facts and information that has an impact on our government both inside and outside of country. And even if they are saying something bad or about what’s wrong with our government there’s nothing they can do unless it is causing harm to a person or multiple people.

S'more #8 Get It straight- Politifact

(grade please)

While researching which statements said by presidential candidates were true or false I've discovered that Hillary and Trump are big liars, especially Trump ( no surprise there), and it was just a little lie or false claim that they said it was a false claim that the brought out of proportion and and made it either look bad or worse than it really was. While good ol’ Bernie Sanders told a few false claims but no over the top claims that were false. Is It important to research to see what these candidates are saying, one to be in the know, understand what is going on in the countries and two they could possibly be you our future president and if we didn't research them and we let the wrong choice become president then we have a big problem. No, I don't believe that most people check to see if statements that candidate says are true or false, to most if it sounds right to the and they agree with it then they will believe it. I also don't believe that we could rely on media tell us the truth because most of the time the media is bias and you usually have to go through a few different media networks to really get all the information about a story. The problem with not looking up the truth is believe in someone that says that they know what’s up and how to help better the country, but if they’re lying and get elected as president and mess up then that's going to be a problem.

S'more #9 Ain't Rebellion Fine

American Revolution

The American revolution was a big deal because a colony of one of the largest countries in the world lost not only a fight of power, land and part of their industry but they lost it to an underdog, who on paper should have lost but somehow out smarted the British and defeated them and got to become their own nation. The revolution started after many citizens of the 13 colonies where upset with all the sill taxes that they had to pay in order to pay of the war debit on the seven year war. The random taxes to help pay for war cost was on tea, newspaper, to file certain documents, and much more, they were also only allowed to trade with the British couldn’t make trade with the French or Spanish, also Great Brittan denied the colonist to have a representative in parliament. Also while the colonists saw themselves as citizens of Great Britain and subjects of King George, they weren’t really considered citizens of Great Britain. During the war some of the techniques the rebels used against the red coats( British) involved gorilla war-fare, meaning the “rebels” ( Americans) would randomly attack but they wouldn’t stay and fight the red coats they would just shoot and hurt as many as they could in a short period of time, wound or kill some red coats and retreat.

If they know where the British where headed they would try and get a lead on them, and make barricades to where the British would have to travel a certain route where the rebels would be waiting for them to attack. What the rebels would do is be hidden in rooms throughout a town and there would be a gun at every window but there would only be one man in the house, he would have the guns ready for when the red coats came by he would just start the gun and shoot making the red coats believe that where more rebels than there actually was and scaring off the red coats to retreat.

An uprising that we may see today wouldn’t really be a political uprising but more of a religious uprising. Religion is a big deal is most people lives and religion is even a big part of many countries government. Some of the thing that are going on in other countries like the middle east revolves around groups wanted to take control and have even one believe and practice their religion.

S'more #10 The Government Win Again

Winston and O’Brien have similar thoughts to Edward Snowden when it comes to privacy and how the government should treat its citizens. In the book 1984, Winston and O’Brien are characters that work for the government, and they help correct mistakes that “reporters got” when talking about something that big brother said, or what the party said. And while they work for the government they hate the government, they hate how the party has control over everything to what words they can use to communicate to what clothes they can wear, what food they eat, even to who they can marry, they hate that. They hate what the government has “brainwashed” everyone in to believing that the party is the best thing that ever happened to them, or the fact that ‘Big Brother is watching them’, with a telescreen in every room that picks you sounds and records it to try and get information on the people. What they’re doing, who they’re talking to, what they’re talking about, if they’re a threat to the party. Both men want the party and Big Brother to go down. For the Brotherhood to aline with the proles and take control for the party and give them the freedom they deserve. Edward Snowden is an American citizen that worked as a subcontractor with the National Security Agency (NSA). While working there he discover that the government was secretly working with companies to learn information about their customers and other companies so they could try and fine people that maybe plotting against the US government. Edward didn’t agree with that se he decided that he would leave the country to Hong-Kong and tell a well-known newspaper (Guardian) what the US government has secretly been doing behind its citizen’s backs. All three men want privacy and freedom, they don’t want the government secretly spying on what they are doing. But the difference between Edward and, Winston and O’Brien is that Edward was willing to put his life on the life to let everyone in his country was secretly being watched by their government. He risked it even though he knew he may not ever step foot in his home country again, or even see his family. He was will to be self-less and put other before himself, and that is one thing Winston and O’Brien will have never done and will mostly do. Yes they may hate the party and big brother and but they aren’t willing to risk their lives for others.

S'more #11- Is Technology really from Heaven (grade please)

In the following passage from chapter nine Orwell states that the way that science and technology is based upon is constantly be changed and improved and that it is thought to continue that way, but in Oceania it’s a bit different because two very important factors that make help build science and technology are thoughts and ideas, but those two are not allowed in Oceania. Thought and ideas that didn’t come from the party or aren’t based on what the party believes in are considered to be thought crime which goes against the law. So what Orwell is saying is that even though science and technology are great things in Oceania it's not the case because it could get people thinking and maybe take away the power that the party worked so hard to get.

S'more#12 Happiness vs. Freedom.

In Oceania the inner party has happiness while the proles have freedom and happiness. The inner party gave up the right to say what they want to and do what they want, they must listen to what the party says and if they don't and get caught then are kill, touched or put in work camps. In the Declaration of Independence of the United States there is a quote stating that all men are created equally and that they ALL have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But you don’t see any of that in Oceania, instead the party has the "right", power, to decide if you should live or not, and there is no such thing as liberty, they must do what they are told, they aren't allowed to have feelings of love for anyone other than big brother and the party. And as for happiness, it only “exist” when you’re doing your duty for the party and talking about your love for the party. While the proles have both happiness and freedom. They can live freely as one as they don’t get in the party’s way, they truly love one another, the have that family love and trust that is no longer there within the inner party. They will sing songs, enjoy life outside doing their laundry and watch they’re grandkids play outside, but in a way they given up their happiness for freedom, they are the lower class, the inner party hates them and thinks their worse than rats, and they may have what they want but not what they need like food or money.

S'more #13

Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting his or her own memory, perception and sanity; deliberate manipulation to create a false reality that is then used to control the victim. Gaslighting became popular after 9/11. That was when people couldn’t detect political and media manipulation because of the fear and confusion that struck our country.”They would rather fight than to consider any other reality”(The Gaslighting Of). The government and media have a huge impact on how the Americans are gaslighted without even realizing it, they are the ones who the American people went to when something happens, or if they need help. Gaslighting is used in politics today, both in the US and North Korea. It's been seen in the US by republicans, about members of their own party and the way the talk about women and things women go through such as abortion, tampons and other women product that have “luxury tax”, that's “not really there” but still is and other things. In North Korea it's all over, their leader has brainwashed it’s citizens into thinking that they have happy and that they live a wonderful life in the “best” county in the world but when look at what’s really going on it's all a lie, but yet they don't see that.

A way that we hold people accountable for gaslighting is by using evidence meaning if they said something we will either play the audio or video of them say and/or doing that action. Another way is paper evidence, if they wrote it or if it's in documents somewhere.

"THE GASLIGHTING OF AMERICA." Daily Kos. Daiy Kos, 077 Oct. 2012. Web. 01 May 2016.

S'more #14 - Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Part 1

One thing that we tend to do is try to capture very moment that we can through photos and videos. Some people don't like this and i understand why, because it takes away from the moment, you're not really living the moment if you looking at it through your phone screen to capture the moment rather than really experience it. A way to make sure that we don't become disconnected from the world and people around is is to put your phone down. There have been time where I was that friend that would be on their phone while they were trying to talk to be but because i was so conser or focused on what was on my phone screen i didn't really pay attention to them.That made them feel unimportant because i was so focused on my phone rather than to them and that not how you should want your friends or family to feel, and a way to fix that is by putting your phone down. You don't have to turn it off but just set it aside and when you get a message you can look to see who it’s from but you shouldn’t respond unless it's important because isn't making memories with your friends more important than watching a 10 second video from some guy in your PerCal class. Another way is by trying to control the amount of time we spend on social media sites or looking up stupid videos or something that you wouldn’t watch and you're only looking at it because your bored. The only way to control it is by trying to limit yourself. I'm not saying you can only be one for an hour but don't stay up until three in the morning on Facebook because you wanted to see what some of your friend were doing rather than sleep.Understand what is important, your health and loved ones, rather than fake friends on line.

A way we can harness the power of social media is not by just posting pictures of yourself online or getting in an argument over if an artist is hot or not but by connecting to others our age and taking about ways to help the environment or talk about political issues and ways to fix them. Social media’s were created as a way to communicate with people around the world easier, so why not use it for that very reason.

Part 2

The way my writing has changed is that i was so used to talking in first person and using facts and writing about what something may have meant rather than what i think how an article or passage has made me feel. Another thing with that it has become easier to voice my opinion when i don't agree with the author or subject matter. I’ve learned about how to deal with other people's opinions especially when you don’t agree with their view, as well as learn how to annotate writing’s. This class is very different from other language arts classes because you don't take test you write, you don't read book after book, we may read a chapter or to talk about it how we can relate to it in real life. Another thing we do is talk about real world topics, things that are happening right now and i love that we do because we are about to become adults and go out into the real world and also were the next generation we will soon have to clean up the mess the older generation made before use and we need to know and understand what’s going on in order to start helping and making the environment and economy better than it is before it gets worse. I don’t think there should be any changes this class is great, my favorite language arts class.