Thomas Nast

The Power within the Cartoons

Early life life of Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast was born on September 27 1840 in Landau, Germany. Nast came form a family of German immigrants and moved to New York City when he was six years old. He later went on to study art at the National Academy of Design. At the age of 15 he got his first job as a draftsmen for Frank Leslie's Newspaper. Later at age 18, he got a professional career as a cartoonist for Harper's Weekly.

What made him a Progressive?

Thomas Nast had always used his cartoons to expose the true problems of Politcal Machines in major Cities such as exposing Boss Tweed's corruption in New York City.

A Nast-ty expression

The Good, The bad and the Nast-ty

I choose Thomas Nast because I am interested of how his cartoons were able to take down and expose the true issues during the industrialization period.

The Great Thomas Nast

  • He is widely responsible for exposing Boss Tweed's corruption and power.
  • Thomas Nast is also responsible for creating iconic symbols such as the Republican elephant and Uncle Sam.
  • His cartoons also played a role in securing Lincoln's second presidency.
  • Brought many other issues to the attention of the people.

Did you know?!

  • Thomas Nast had been against Andrew Johnson's campaign and wanted him impeached?
  • Other symbols that Nast can be credited with making popular are Santa Claus and the Democratic Donkey?
  • Thomas Nast depicted Irish as violent drunks and had a dislike towards them?
  • He supported Native and Chinese Americans?
  • He hated Catholics and was a protestant
  • He considered his cartoons the practice of modernizing scenes from Shakespeare for a political purpose?