What Does it Take to be a Farmer?

By: Lauryn Harris

It's not always easy, but it's always worth it!

What is a farmer??

A farmer is a person who owns or manages a farm. This job takes a lot of work. It consists of early mornings and late nights. A farmers main goal is to produce good crop and/or healthy livestock to feed the population and make a living for themselves. Being a farmer is one of the most important jobs because they provide all of the crops and livestock we consume. Farmers work very hard day in and day out to make sure plenty of crops and animal products are in the market.

What level of school is required to obtain the career of a farmer? Most farmers just have a highschool diploma. However it is important/beneficial to have a four year degree from a college of agriculture with a focus on studies of farm managment.

What is the salary of a farmer? Annually farmers earn about 61,000, but the top percent earns around 107,000.

Where can you work in the world to be a farmer? You can start your farm anywhere in the world!! All it takes is dedication!

Is their continuing professional development for being a farmer? Yes there is. You don't need a degree to start with, but it will benefit you if you get a degree in agriculture or something besides just a highschool deploma.

I find it interesting that as I read more about this career, it really went into detail about how tough farming can be at times. The amount of passion and dedication it takes is incredible. It seems like farmers truly care about the needs of others and they take what they do seriously. This assignment gave me a better appreciation for farmers and everything they do for society.