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Tracking Device Issues

EQ. How is technology so great

Tracking Devices

We all have tracking devices like phones,cameras,gps, and tracking chips. The goverment has cameras around us so they can see what we are doing


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When years go by there are going to be new stuff in the world that might be better.Like an example in the old days someone invented cars , and it is easier to travel with it because it has wheels.
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There was not stuff like this in the old days because they did not think of these cool things .So we are lucky that we have all of this. Also why would anyone want to be watched on their cell phones.


The preschool kids have to wear these outfits with tracking devices so they can do their school work to get it finished.
There is another device that helps people like GPS . It can help you anywhere you don't know where to go.
This kid's brother needed help finding the hospital , and the kid said" here, try this GPS" and it helped him in the car.
There are tracking chips in your cell phones so your parents know where you are.

Final Thoughts

I think technology is cool because it makes alot of things easier like cell phones and GPS. It is just helpful because phones you have to call people for a emergency ,and GPS it shows you where to go.


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