small hard mass formed abnormally in the gallbladder

Causes and Symptoms

Gallstones are cause by, genetics, body weight, decrease mobility of gallbladder and your diet.

Symptoms are, Pain in upper abdomen and back, pain last for several hours, nausea, vomiting, bloating, indigestion, heart-burn and gas.

How To Diagnose?

Blood test, Ultrasound, CAT Scan, HIDA Scan, ERCP, Endoscopic Retrograde

Treatment and Prognosis

Treatment for gallstones includes: surgrey for removal of gallbladder, this operation is called an open cholecyslectomy and there is also a laparscopic cholecystectomy.

Prognosis: liquid diet, health care and doctor may give more instruction. Most patients never get symptoms again and can lead normal lives after recovery.