The Weekly Growl

March 7 - 11, 2016

Countdown to Spring Break - 5 Days

This Week

Monday, March 7

  • Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 8

  • 5:00 UIL String Orchestra Contest @ PAC

Wednesday, March 9

  • 7:30 Parent Coffee Chat

  • 9:50 Severe Weather Drill

  • UIL NV Band Contest @ Georgetown HS

Thursday, March 10

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • UIL NV Band Contest @ Georgetown HS
  • 4:00 Track Meet @ Deerpark

Friday, March 11

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans
  • UIL NV Band Contest @ Georgetown HS

Next Week

Monday, March 21

  • 4:00 Site Based Meeting
  • Grades Due by 10 AM

Tuesday, March 22

  • 5:00 Pre-UIL Choir Concert and Clinic @ SPHS

Wednesday, March 23

  • 5:00 PTA Board Meeting

Thursday, March 24

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 4:00 Track Meet @ Canyon Vista

Friday, March 25

  • Good Friday/Staff and Student Holiday

Upcoming Events

March 29 STAAR Grade 7 Writing

March 29 STAAR Grade 8 Math

March 31 STAAR Assessment Makeup

March 31 Bulldog Store

April 1 STAAR Assessment Makeup

April 1 Region 26 Varsity Band UIL Contest @ Georgetown HS

Chenita Toler 3

Patti Cole 14

Briana Flores 20

Wendy Tucker 24

Kera Blay 26

Desiree Le 30

Natalie Reale 30

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A big Thank You!! to Mr. Acosta..... I needed supplies and he did not hesitate to approve or get them to me.

- Marbel Donosso

A huge THANKS to Jeremy, Lara, Caitlin and Katelyn for their help in organizing the released STAAR assessment! Couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to Huffman, Dominguez, Wilson, Shuck and Hoeber for your flexibility during released STAAR testing. Lena and Karen jumped in and started checking materials in, while Wilson and Shuck were willing at any point to do whatever was needed to help. Hoeber and Barnhart continue to be amazing supports by volunteering to ensure the dictionaries were placed back in an organized manner!

Thanks to Ms. Castillo, Ms. Bauer and Mr. Oseguera for always taking care of me! You know how much I love to eat!

- Maggie Cashdollar

To Natalie Nichter-Ramirez and Jennifer Bacak for their dedication to our students. Their drive to meet the needs of our students is inspiring.

To Heather Davis for all of her work with and love for our sixth graders. Thank you for sharing them with me!

- Sofie Vastano

I would like to put a drop in Mrs. Castillo's bucket. She does a very difficult job everyday and she does it with a positive attitude. Mrs. Castillo builds relationships with our students who are in most need of someone. She regularly interacts with frustrated or upset students, parents and staff members. She keeps a positive attitude and the best interest of our students at her center. Thank you Mrs. Castillo our school could not be great without you!

I would like to give a drop in the bucket to Mrs. Cubias, Mrs. Aguilera, Mrs. Donosso, Mrs. Gamas and Ms. Alier for being a stellar office staff. They have exhibited incredible team work in taking care of the campus administration, teachers, staff, students and parents. They are so team oriented that they even take turns doing lunch duty. We are lucky to have the best office staff. Thank you ladies.

- Mario Acosta

This one is to you Cherri Urban. Thank you for the time you put into getting DROPS IN A BUCKET every week. You do an excellent job on it and I always look forward to them. Well done miss.

- Kino Esparza

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