Go Green, Kinders!

Kindergarten Parents,

The kinders continued on being environment friendly kids. They are building a big recycling can out of plastic bottles, decorating paper rolls to make pencil holders, and are using empty egg carton for their plants.
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What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts


  • We reviewed short and long vowels

2.Close Reading

  • The students listened to a “Ladybugs” passage.
  • They read the passage as a group and individually
  • They circled the words they don’t understand
  • They answered the comprehension questions about the reading.


  • The students inferred the following words’ meaning from the passage: omnivore, aphid, pest, crops, and protection.
  • They defined the word “ omnivore” in their vocabulary notebook.

4. Writing

  • The students wrote detailed sentences about what they learned from the recycling project.
  • They used a graphic organizer to write about the main idea and details of stories read in class.


1.Word Problems

  • The students worked together to complete math word problems
  • They drew and wrote the equation for each problem


  • We reviewed what a "numerator" and "denominator" is.
  • The students practiced writing fractions after listening to the name of the fraction (e.g. four fifths, three sixths...etc)



  • We reviewed insects names and body parts.
  • After reading the "Ladybugs" passage, we discussed the importance of ladybugs to gardeners and farmers, their diet, and their life cycle.

2.Recycling Project

  • The students recycled paper.
  • We reusing plastic bottles to build a trash can
  • The students painted and decorated paper rolls to make pencil holders.


Writing & Handwriting Skills

They practiced writing their spelling words in their journal using 3 activities from the spelling activity sheet (organizing words alphabetically)

Recycling Paper

Reusing Water Bottles

Decorating Paper Rolls

Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

  • What does “omnivore” mean?
  • What sounds do the following vowels make and give examples of words with these vowels: short a, long a, short e, long e, short i, long i, short o, long o, short u, long u?
  • How can you write words with long e, a, i, o, or u [e.g. CVCe (here) or CVVC(seat)]?


  • What part of the fraction is the "numerator" and what part is the "denominator"?
  • What key words in math word problems that showsif the problem is an addition or a subtraction problem?


  • Why are ladybugs important to farmers and gardeners?
  • How can paper be recycled?
  • Name some ideas to reuse plastic bottles, paper rolls, styrofoam, and glass.