How Do I Get More Asset Cases ?

Call for A Trustee Personal Property Appraisal...

Turn those $60 Cases Into Asset Cases

See how your fellow trustees are finding that debtors value their personal property below "market value". They call us to conduct an on site evaluation that in a vast majority of cases exposes more assets than scheduled. This revelation will facilitate a "buy back" of over exempt assets by the debtor which means a more meaningful distribution to creditors and more fees for you, the trustee.

Our Pricing Is Simple !

  • Our appraisals including photos, report, evaluation and the total cost is $500.00. This is not payable until and if there is money in the estate to pay. We have standard Motions of Retention that are used by our trustee clients that are easy to complete and file.
  • If in the unlikely event that the case does not become an asset case, $150.00 will be due and payable.

Please expect a request for an appointment from Mr. Jarret Rosenberg with you and/or your administrator to discuss our Personal Property Appraisal process or email me at

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