Iguana Info

February 1-5

This week

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy (Chinese) New Year! The Iguanas had so much fun learning about Chinese traditions that happen during the New Year celebrations. We found out that red is a lucky color, big dragons are made for the parades, and families clean their houses, getting rid of anything "old". We made our very own lanterns and dragons! On Friday, we ate Chinese food for lunch, using chopsticks. On Tuesday, it was Groundhog day. We learned about shadows, what makes a shadow, and the meaning of Punxsatawney Phil seeing his shadow or not. Phil did not see his shadow, which means Spring will be coming soon!

What's next?

Letter Vv, Valentine's Day, and number 11. We will be making special valentines for our ancillary teacher in class. The teachers will also be treating the Green Iguanas to a pizza lunch on Friday, so you do not need to send lunches! We are going to have a friendship picnic with all of the Pre-K classes.



*Thank you so much for the Chinese food! The students had so much fun trying to eat it with chopsticks and trying new foods.

*Thank you for all of the tops you have been sending! We have so many awesome, different types of tops. We have plenty and do not need any more:)

* Valentine's cookie party is next Friday. Please don't forget to send 12 Valentines with your child. If they want to write their friends names on them, please print or have them write it. Treats with Valentine cards are welcome.

Dad's Hoedown is coming up in the next few weeks. Dad's, please mark your calendars! More information coming soon!.