Boss Factors success of Projects

What your boss ought to be!

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Just recently I’ve been tasked to create a sister company, a company that will complement each other. As usual I gather as much information as I could. Hours and hours of research and crazy hours to put a concept together. Once achieved, influx of ideas are just massive. Overwhelming at times but that didn’t deviate me from my goal. Once I got the outline typed up, I then submitted a proposal to my boss and excited to hear his thoughts about it. After somewhat hours of presentation and Q & A, I was then asked “who do you want to work with?” It’s magic to my ears! Gathered the people and not wasting time. I hate it. Why? A colleague asked why the rush? I said, the momentum is now and if I start later, I might just lose it!

For a project to be successful, a company needs a strong Project Manager and a diverse team. I told my boss I want a multi-skilled individual and I want my team small. I want them to have special skills different from mine, otherwise the thoughtfulness of strategy and uniqueness will not be achieved! Getting people in your team with different strengths can be daunting and at the same time difficult. Difficult that we may be blowing in tangents with ideas, equally important to me. I encourage ideas. Often times, people with a strong personality may have a different approach. Unique in their individual way sometimes could go against what your aim to achieve. It could easily cause stress to the other, shooting the wrong messages of over-stepping on her toe, a domino effect that could potentially lead to anger & flare up. That is why you need a strong Project Manager to manage the team and not be empowered & be caught in the drama.

My secret, TRANSPARENCY & MUTUAL TRUST. I will tell you my visions are and I will guide you to be the best in your field but also I want your COMMITMENT and TRUST that you will deliver. My team have probably memorized my line but we need to have a common goal and stay out of each other’s way as much possible. Throwing this big words at them is a risk, I may not just get them to submit and as effective. I should cast the first stone, right? I trust them to be dedicated but not dictated. Although TRUST takes time and must be earned, at this point I have that liberty. If one needs more guidance, then I’d give them a thought that is more awakening and mind-opening point of view rather than inciting threatening. No one is there to take your job unless you show me you needed to be replaced.

I am here to get the most and the best of each others talents and as harmonious as possible too. I value out of the box ideas as openly as I value each individual. Why that matters to me, is because I am establishing a relationship, a TRUSTING relationship. Where I am not here to please everyone but give each and everyone opportunity to showcase what they are made of. So, I got a stellar group of ideas & talents and committed team, what’s next? I need a decisive boss to back me up all the way. That is one of the critical factors in any project success. Without his trust over my visions, all of these are futile. So if you ask me now if the boat is sinking. It has its minor sinkable problems but hopefully SOS comes sooner than later.