6th Grade Class News 15/12/15

Strong and Courageous - Joshua 1:9

Science Fair


By: Mya, Mikaela, and Chloe


As most of you know, we are having a science fair here at school. Your child should know what they are doing by now. Here are some of the things you need to know:

*LOG BOOK: Your child will have to have a log book. In the logbook, your kid will write everything he or she has done throughout the project. Yes, everything from the buying and thinking to the doing. Your child can use a notebook, binder, or just paper. Make sure to use good handwriting because the judges will read it for background info.

*RESEARCH: Your child should have found an article or two on the Internet about things in your project. DO NOT LET THEM RESEARCH THE ANSWER! For some projects your might only need one article, but for some they might need a couple. DO NOT LET THEM RESEARCH THE ANSWER! We can’t stress that point enough.

QUESTION The question should be stated in a manner that suggests the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. It should summarize the project nicely.

HYPOTHESIS The hypothesis should reflect the experimenter’s expectation of the outcome of the experiment. Additionally, some rationale for this expectation should be stated in an explanation of the hypothesis.


A scientific control is an experiment or observation designed to minimize the effects of variables other than the single independent variable. This increases the reliability of the results, often through a comparison between control measurements and the other measurements.

INDEPENDENT VARIABLE An experiment usually has three kinds of variables: independent, dependent, and controlled. The Independent variable is the one that is changed by the scientist. To ensure a fair test, a good experiment has only one independent variable.

DEPENDANT VARIABLE A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment. The dependent variable response to the independent variable. It is called dependent because it "depends" on the independent variable.
A theoretical or experimental quantity, condition, or factor that does not vary in specified circumstances.

Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.


The CONCLUSION should be a complete thought. Also, in the answer, it should contain: How it ended up to be, how it came to be like I did not have enough info and so on, and what you learned from it.


This will be a part of a grade. Also, it will be due somewhere in mid-February. Remember it has a big impact on the grade and that all of these things count on the project. Good luck and have fun with it. P.S parents are allowed to help as long as they don’t do all of the work.

Inanimate Alice and Voki


Voki is a fun website where you create characters and have them talk. You can use voki for a lot of things. For example, we just did an assignment about inanimate Alice and what she looks like.On voki you can make a lot of different characters you can even make animal vokis. You can also make it talk, so when you go to look at it, it can talk.

By:Shaylah and Nick

Inanimate Alice

In class, we have been reading a digital book on the computers called Inanimate Alice.It's not a normal book, you can play a game and read the book. It also has music and the background changes to what the story is saying. Inanimate Alice is about a girl who moves a lot because of her dad’s job. She gets older every episode. She also likes to do things on her player (phone) On her player, she created a friend named Brad.She also likes to play video games on it. In the third episode, you have to collect dolls for her through the story to get past the guards at the airport. It’s a pretty interesting and cool book.

By: Miles and Nick


Last Week the 6th graders had a little competition where we were split into groups that were named after 3 Greek city states. They were the Athenians, the Corinthians, and the Spartan's. During this period we held several events, running, javelin throw, discus, and a little award ceremony. The 6th graders had to bring in sheets to wrap themselves to create togas as the Greeks once wore for the Olympics. Every city-state team had a flag and I would say they were all very good and interesting. That's all for the 6th Grade Olympics! This is Chrissy, David, and Josh sign in.

Lets Boost The Grade

Extra, Extra Read All About It

Hey, it's Phillip and Lena, now you have probably been hearing your parents say “Do some homework!” Then you are like “But I am on my break!” So I have bad news and good news the bad news is that you are allowed to do some homework that you do at school so. the good news is that you are actually reading our article! yeah, I have nothing. So I am sorry for you that you will be hearing your parents tell you this: “Are you playing games?!!! No! Go do your homework!” While you say this: “B..Bu...But…” Then you hear this: “No Buts Mister (or Missy)!” Wait…. a minute I finally know what the good thing should be. It should be that whenever you do work it will be counted as EXTRA CREDIT!!!! Well, that’s all we have to say and remember it's Phillip, and Lena and always have an awesome year! Just to be clear, the things you can do for extra credit are AHR (log your minutes on Biblionasium) and TMJ.

Christmas Break Excitment

CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! What are you excited about?

Nick- I am most excited about getting presents on Christmas.

Shaylah- I am excited about the possible chance of snow.

Mya- I’m excited about spending time with my family.

Chloe- I’m excited about eating ham, getting presents, and spending time with family.

Chrissy- I am excited about ham, and giving and getting presents.

Caleb- I get to go see my cousins and play Call of Duty.

Josh- I’m excited about getting to do some art stuff.

Danny- I am excited about going to Family-Tee-Time to celebrate Christmas with my family and have a talent market in my church. (I get to buy toys there!) and finally, rest from school since it hurts my head and so I don't have to get hit by a dodgeball going 75 mph.

Catherine- I’m excited that it’s Jesus’ birthday and that I get to give and receive gifts.

Carrie- I’m excited about getting to relax with my family and getting to hang with cousins.

David- I am excited for new

Phillip- I’m excited about presents.

Christian- I wake up at 3:00 in the morning to open presents.

Michael- I’m excited about opening presents on Christmas morning.

Miles- I am excited about seeing my family on Christmas Eve and opening presents.

Mikaela- I’m excited about seeing family and praising God.