Describing a Room with Classifiers

ASL Class: Bethany Beru

Step by Step

1. Identify the room.

2. Show that you are entering the room.

3. Sign what you see first, right when you walk in.

4. Sign as if you are in the room and make the description organized.

Ex. If you see 2 windows on each side of the room, make sure you use the flat "B" classifier

5. Identify where things and furniture are placed.

6. Describe where and what side the furniture is placed.


American Sign Language is not a spoken language, and is much more different than English and most languages. ASL has its own word order which seems unfamilier to most English speaking people. When describing a room using Classifiers it must be in ASL word order for the deaf or hard of hearing person to understand.


ALWAYS remember that when signing the description it might not make perfect sense to a hearing person. And you MUST describe and sign what you see when first walking into the room. Make the signs organized for anyone to understand.