Team Charm Couture Newsletter

October 2015

Hi there KEEPer!!!

There are so many exciting things happening in October with the Holiday Collection and the NEW and improved Hub launching! Now is YOUR time! DREAM BIG! Whether you joined KEEP with the hopes of making it your full time career or you became a designer so you could have some fun ME time with your girl friends, this is YOUR time! Time to spread happy! Time to connect with new people! Time to help others realize their potential! Time to help write the stories! What will you make of this time? Come up with a plan! Write it down, share it and work it!


Joni Garcia

Senior Director


Associate Directors


Megan Daubert, Stacy Mahaffay, Meredith Koesters, Jennifer Shelley, Lauren Jones and Shannon Lassiter
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Power Selling Rock Stars in September

Top 5 in Sales out of 1266 Designers!!

  • Amber McCullough - $6,685.07
  • Leslie Reames - $6,060.20
  • Paige Carter - $5,454.20
  • Megan Daubert - $5,449.91
  • Ashley Paciotti - $4,815

Sponsoring Like a CHAMP in September

Top 5 in Sponsoring out of 1266 Designers!!

  • Ashley Paciotti - 6
  • Haylie Grammer - 4
  • Megan Daubert - 4
  • Laci Brown - 4
  • Sarah Robinson - 4

New from the Hub

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Here are just a few important items to note in The Hub!

Our website had a fresh new look with the addition of KEEP’s Manifesto & Mission. We’ve also added a brand new About Us video as well as a New Join Video! Check it all out here!

The KEEP Collective’s website has gone dash-less, as we are in the process of migrating to our new home at For now, this is only available on the corporate website – your PWS (personal website) link must still start with www.keep-collective. We are working to update your PWS urls, as well, but they won’t be available until early 2016. Please note that (with the dashes) will always work for the corporate page as well as your personal website.

We are thrilled to announce our support for Breast Cancer Awareness in October. During the month of October, we will be donating all net proceeds from the Pink Awareness Key to the Noreen Frasier Foundation to benefit Breast Cancer prevention and research.

Utilize the new booking images available to you! We are also launching an email & social media campaign to go out to all customers and Designers throughout the month!

Quick Start Booster Kit Update:

Monthly Training Calendar & Dial In Details:

October Success Plan & Monthly Meet-up Agenda:

Fast Track Your Fall Worksheets:

Holiday Sampling - Starting October 13th

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October 13th - Holiday Collection Sampling

October 13th - Charm Couture Team Training: Sponsoring

October 15th - Holiday Collection Launch to customers

Designers who qualified with $300 PQV in September will receive 50% off During Holiday Sampling!You can also qualify in October if you sell $300 PQV by October 26th. Sampling ends for all on October 27th.

NEW - Team Charm Couture Training Series!

Please note that the October 13th training has been rescheduled.

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Leaders Retreat

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Leaders Retreat will be held at the beautiful Meritage Resort & Spa! January 23-25 with a bonus day, January 22, for Senior Directors and above. You must qualify as an Associate Director or above by December 31st. This is an amazing training experience that you do not want to miss! Come up with your promotion plan today! Registration will open this week!