Genetically Modified Organisms

GMO Foods

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Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs are organisms whose DNA has been changed modified from its original state in order to get desired traits or characteristics. There are different types of GMOs. One type is Herbicide-Tolerant Crops which are crops modified so that when the crops are sprayed with heavy Herbicide spray, it will not damage the crop. A second type of GMO are Pesticide-producing crops. They are crops that have been designed to create pesticides within the plant in order to kill of insects that attempt to eat the plant.
GMOs are made by modifying the DNA of an organism by adding and subtracting genes from the organism.
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Through the Dark Act, some states do not want GMO foods to be labeled, while in other European countries, GMO foods are banned all together
GMO foods are often less nutritious and also can cause health problems. Over the more recent years many health issues have grown in the number of people that are being effected by them. Due to the development of weed killers, Weeds have also become stronger. This has caused even stronger weed killers to be used. These are found to cause more serious diseases such as cancer.
GMO foods are produced a lot in the United States and around the world. They are very cost effective for farmers and other people producing the crops. GMO foods are less likely to be harmed by insects and weeds. Because of this, farmers can produce more crops that are able to be sold.
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