Barrow 5th Grade Newsletter


3rd Quarter Moving Fast!

It's been a swift start to 2016 and fifth grade students have been reflecting on their final year in elementary school as well as goals to finish strong in preparation for middle school and beyond. We've got many things coming up on our calendar, including Spring Conferences. Please contact your child's teacher about any questions or concerns you may have prior to our meeting. Here are some notable dates:

February 17: Math Benchmark

February 22: Walking field trip to UGA for the Knights Orchestral Concert

February 24: Field trip to UGA and Cobb House

March 5: CCSD Math Tournament

March 7-11: SPRING BREAK

March 19: Black History Bowl and CCSD Young Scientist Fair

March 23, 24, 25: Spring Conferences/Early Release

Teachers have a few wish list items that would really help our day to day run smoothly. These items are: tissue, hand sanitizer, healthy snacks for class or just your child

Reminder about snacks: Our core classes are held in the mornings before lunch, so a healthy snack is crucial for students to stay focused on instruction. CCSD has a Wellness Policy that is specific to the kinds of snack allowed. These include fruit, granola bars, cheese sticks, vegetable sticks, etc. When thinking about buying snacks, please select healthy options to give lasting energy! Hot Fries, Takis, and candy are not allowed via the CCSD Wellness Policy. Also, NO PEANUT PRODUCTS due to severe allergies. We go to great lengths to provide every 5th grader a daily snack if he/she does not have bring a snack. However, this is difficult to do on a daily basis. If you can afford to send a daily snack for your child, PLEASE DO SO to limit the long line waiting each day for a snack from Ms. Mullins and Ms. Slongo. Thanks!

Computers: Please help students remember to charge their computers at home each night and also help remind them of their responsibility to bring their devices to school each day (charger, too).

Ellis Island Experience a Success!

The Ellis Island Experience was such a fun day for students. They got to get a glimpse of what it may have felt like to go through the immigration process during the 20th century. We are so grateful to the many volunteers that helped out as Immigration Officers. The day would not have been possible without your contribution! Check out students' reflections on their experience on this FlipGrid link! Photos from our day are below. Enjoy!


The students have spent the last several weeks learning about fractions and sharing with one another their thinking. We have applied fractions to lots of real world situations and asked that they model what is being described. One of the differences of working with fractions in fifth grade versus fourth, is that we have been working with unlike denominators. At home, encourage your child to practice the Get Waggle fraction module or ask them to look at a recipe and double or half the recipe so that each ingredient amount changes. We will continue to talk about and practice with fractions throughout the remainder of the year, but we are moving along to our new unit on Geometry.

Our Geometry unit focused on 2D shapes, and it looks closely at the attributes that characterize a shape. Students know what a square is by looking at it, but they will need to know how to describe a square based on its number of sides, comparison of sides to one another, and angle type. Then, they will see how that shape relates to others similar to it.

Please, encourage your child to practice their math facts using the packets given at conferences, XtraMath, or Get Waggle for a least 10-15 minutes daily. If you have any math-related questions, let us know!


We have starting reading our 2nd Christopher Paul Curtis book, Bud, Not Buddy. The students are enjoying it! We use this book to tie into our social studies standards around the Great Depression. This book is also rich in the arts, as it ties in the Jazz era music of the time period. We will be using Christopher Paul Curtis books to do a lot of compare and contrast between literary elements. This is a big focus standard for our 3rd quarter learning.

Reading responses will NOT be due this week, due to a short week and benchmark testing. They are due every Thursday on most weeks that are following. The students are making a lot of progress on these responses and we can see their writing and thinking growing each week.

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