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November 19th, 2021

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Greetings, Medford School District Families!

In the Medford School District, we hold our students at the center of everything we do, so we are excited to kick off a community effort to DEFINE our collective hopes and dreams for our students.

Here’s how you can contribute (and we hope you do!):

  1. Have a conversation with your student and ask:
    1. At the end of your time in school and during your school years, what qualities, characteristics, and skills do you hope to possess?
    2. Who do you hope to be?
    3. Also, share with them your hopes, aspirations, and dreams for their K-12 story!
  2. Next, use the information you gained from the conversation with your student and fill out this quick survey: English, Spanish.

The same questions will be asked of our staff, as well as the community!

A team will review the survey results and begin forming our Story of a Student in the Medford School District. We are excited to work with the community to memorialize our collective hopes, aspirations, and dreams for our students! Much more to come ...

Bret Champion

Story of a Student
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Next Main Thing is a special edition on December 14th!

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