Crazy News

By: Devyn Beilfuss Date:4-29-16

Bullying Is Affecting Student Learning

Children who have been bullied start to get symptoms like headachs, and stomach pains. Bullied children start to lose confidence in themselves. Research shows that bullies can be drawn to drinking and smoking. And bystanders that do nothing to help the bullied students later on feel sad and gulity or are afraid of getting bullied themselfs

No Education is wrong!

Around 124 million adults/children have never attended school or have dropped out. 72 million kids arent in school. 10 million kids that havent been to school live in south and west Asia. 30 million children that havent been to school live in sub-saharan Africa.

School is taking away too much

Some schools are taking away recess. Recess can help make students feel happier and safer about school. And gym and music are taken away too. Research shows that students with early music experince can develop areas of the brain that are connected to music. The California Department of Education says children that are more in shape do twice as netter than unfit children.


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