Wildcats Weekly

Week of 5/9

Progress Reports

Students have been given a progress report showing their grades in all classes so far for Quarter 4. Please sign and return these by Wednesday 5/11.

End of Grade Testing

ELA and Math EOGs are scheduled for May 31st and June 1st.

These dates are immediately following Memorial Day Weekend. Please make sure that your child is rested and present so that they have every opportunity to do their best!

End of Year Awards and Dates

Please continue to watch the MPMS website and read our Wildcats Weekly for important dates coming up! This includes our team end of year awards ceremony!


In Language Arts we are working on poetry portfolios. The students are practicing the poetic devices we have been learning by incorporating them into their own poems. They should be typing their final drafts onto the portfolio assignment on Google Classroom.


Science is working our way through the body systems. Students begin teaching the circulatory system to their peers next week. I have a fun and messy surprise for them this week...(We will be dissecting a sheep heart!) Students will have another short quiz on this system Friday!

Social Studies

We will continue our human rights unit. Our focus will be on China and Afghanistan. On Tuesday, we will have our quiz on African human rights. The topics covered on the quiz will be Rwandan genocide, child soldiers, and conflict diamonds

Math 7

This week we will be finishing our unit on 2-D shapes. Students have learned how to find the area, perimeter, and circumference of rectangles, triangles, circles, and trapezoids. We are now focusing on how changing a figure's dimensions will affect its area. The Unit 10 Test will be on 5/13.

Next up...Surface Area and Volume of 3 Dimensional Figures

Math 7+

This week we are finishing up volume of three dimensional figures. The Unit 10 Test will be on 5/11. Students have a study guide to help them review and practice. They also need to memorize and be able to apply formulas to find area, perimeter, circumference, surface area, and volume.

Next up...Exponents and EOG Review!