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Understand What Makes Printer’s Ink So Expensive

There is lot of electric gadgets in this world, whose face value might not be too high, but the overall cost of operation is a lot high, which makes them pretty expensive for any normal customer. Printers for example happen to be a perfect example. The cost of any inkjet or laser printer is not too high, however the cost of maintaining them is a lot higher considering the fact that printer’s ink costs a fortune.

Justifying the high cost of inkjet printers is not a very easy job, especially when you are trying to defend a liquid that is more expensive than snake’s venom or human blood.

One of the main arguments put forward by printing companies is the fact that the technology used for manufacturing this ink is quite expensive. For example companies are require d to manufacture a ink that has a shelf life on 18 months, plus the ink should be in a liquid stage and should be able to provide crystal clear for the user for which it is important for the ink to be free from all types of impurities, so that it can flow at a regular from the nozzle of the printer

The second argument provided by most companies is that they spend a huge amount of money to develop this technology regarding HP cartridges and HP toners. The main aim of the company is to reduce the per page printing cost, without hampering the quality. There are ISO standards like (ISO 24711 and 24712) which are very essential to ensure the consumers receive a complete value for their money. According to HP, every year around 5000 cartridge prototype is discarded in an effort to build the perfect cartridge.

There are many users who have used refilled cartridges instead of original HP cartridges or HP toners and the final result came nowhere close to the original. However it should also be remembered that each company sells its products through a network of sales people, which automatically increases the cost. If you make a similar purchase from the client’s website the cost would be significantly low.

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