"Anonymous and ISIS War"

A newly declared war

Hacker group "Anonymous" declares war on terrorist group Isis following the Paris attacks

In response to the attacks Anonymous release a video on YouTube which declares war between the two groups. The video depicts an Anonymous representative speaking french, the representative is wearing a "Guy Fawkes" mask from the film V for Vendetta (they use this mask as a form of protest). The representative makes many statements like "Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down", "Expect many cyber attacks". They show compassion towards the victims and their families. The representative closes out the video using the anonymous trade mark, "We don't forgive.And we don't forget". Followed by a warning to get ready.

Isis' response towards the threats

Isis using an called telegram, send out instructions to Isis members on how not to get hacked. Various instructions include "Don't open any links unless sure of the source", "Change IP addresses constantly", and "Do not talk to people you don't know on Telegram or Twitters direct messaging". This also raises the question "What are they going to hack?" as asked by the terrorist group. So far anonymous has only hacked Isis Twitter accounts and emails. Not much but we can expect a lot more.