Lake Elementary School News

Weekly Update for September 13th

Lake Park

It is great that so many of our families are able to take advantage of picking up students in Lake Park. This helps alleviate traffic in our parking lot and allows for some of our upper graders to build independence. Although this is public property, I do have to urge everyone who picks up students in Lake Park to obey traffic laws and respect parking regulations. One of our Dolphin students needed emergency medical attention recently, and the ambulance, as well as the parent, was unable to get through since so many people had blocked the fire lane. Luckily, this child is going to be fine. However, in many circumstances, minutes wasted can mean life or death. It is for this reason that I insist all of you to think about the safety of all of our students when going to Lake Park.

Masks are required at school, every day. Don't forget yours!

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Covid-19 Weekly Reporting at Lake Elementary School

In order to keep our families informed on Covid-19 cases in our school, we will be utilizing the following procedures:

  • All families will be notified weekly of our Covid-19 cases in this section of the Lake School News. Our newsletter goes out every Sunday afternoon.

  • If your student is identified as a "close contact" of a Covid-19 positive person on campus, you will be notified immediately by email, text, and phone and will be provided directions for quarantine.

  • To view Covid-19 cases for the entire district, visit the VUSD Covid-19 Case Dashboard.

Lake Week of September 6-12: 2 Covid-19 positive cases

A Minute with Mrs. McManus

We have some backpacks that were donated to us for Lake families. These are brand new and full of school supplies! Please contact me if you are in need of one for your child.

Please concact Mrs. McManus for any of your counseling needs!

760-945-5300 ext. 48112
School Counselor Check-in Form

School Counselor Canvas Page

Monday is Dolphin Day!

Don't forget to wear your Lake Dolphin gear to school on Mondays! Interested in purchasing some? go to

Membership is the best way to connect with your community, be "in-the-know" about all PTA programs and events, vote in the meetings, and make a difference in your child's education. You can join PTA for only $8.

Join and donate today at

Save the Date

  • September 13: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm
  • September 15: Minimum Day 12:36pm/staff Deveopment
  • September 20: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm
  • September 21 and 22: Picture days
  • September 27: Early Dismissal, 12:36pm

In Case you misssed it...

Snack & Lunches

We are so grateful that the Wavecrest cafe is providing delicious free breakfasts and lunches to all of our students this year! However, due to this increased demand there are a couple of items that are creating confusion for students this year.

Breakfast-available daily, M-F, from 7:25-7:45am

Recess Snack-recess is for eating a snack. Students have 15 minutes to eat AND play, so discuss with your child what their "snack" is. Many of our little ones are trying to eat a full meal during recess and then they are so disappointed when they run out of time to play. A piece of fruit, granola bar, or small snack is ideal during this time.

Lunch-pack one or get one at school! Please talk to your child about if they'll be eating the school lunch or the one you pack (see the Wavecrest cafe menu link at the bottom of this newsletter). We are seeing a lot of students bring lunch, then get cafeteria lunch as well. This usually leads to them either running out of time to eat two meals, or throwing a ton of food away.

**We encourage you to provide nut-free snacks and lunches at school, as we do have some students on campus with severe allergies**

Let us know if you have any questions and checkout the wavecrest cafe website for more information!

Parents needed for SSC and ELAC!

Please let us know if you are interested in serving on our School Site Council (SSC) or English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) Board! SSC is responsible for oversight of our Site Plan for Student Achievement, and ELAC is responsible for tasks related to our English Learner program. Each group meets 3-4 times in the school year. As of now, those meetings will be held over Zoom.

If we have more volunteers than open positions, we will hold online elections for each committee in early October.

SSC Meeting Dates: 10/28/21, 1/11/22, 3/22/22, 5/24/22 - 2:15-3:15 pm

ELAC Board Meeting Dates: 11/11/21, 1/13/22, 3/10/22 - 7:30-8:30 am

Click here if you are interested.

Háganos saber si está interesado/a en servir en nuestro Consejo escolar (SSC) o en el Comité asesor de padres de estudiantes aprendientes de Inglés (ELAC)! El SSC es responsable de supervisar nuestro plan escolar para el rendimiento estudiantil, y ELAC es responsable de las tareas relacionadas con nuestro programa de estudiantes aprendientes de inglés. Cada grupo se reúne de 3 ó 4 veces durante el año escolar.

Si tenemos más voluntarios que puestos vacantes, realizaremos elecciones en línea para cada comité a principios de octubre.

Juntas de SSC: 28/10/21 y 11/1/22 y 22/3/22 y 21/5/22 de 2:15 a 3:15 de la tarde

Juntas de ELAC: 11/11/21 y 13/1/22 y 10/3/22 de 7:30 a 8:30 de la mañana


  • Monday is a minimum day! Dismissal is at 12:36pm. There is no second-chance breakfast on minimum days, so please send your child with a snack, or have them get breakfast before school starts from 7:25-7:40.
  • No Dogs on campus. As much as we love our furry friends, we can not have them on campus. This is VUSD policy, so if you need to bring your dog, you'll have to pick your child up at Lake Park. Thank you!
  • Early pickup: If you need to pick your child up early for an appointment, please do so prior to 1:30pm. After that you'll need to wait until regular dismissal time. If you have questions, please call the office.
  • Do not drop your child off prior to 7:25am. We have no supervision available before this time. Students need to stay in the car until 7:25 if you are in the line.
  • Please have your child bring a water bottle and mask, daily. Donations are needed for small water cups for those students who forgot their water bottle. Small, disposable children's mask donations are also greatly appreciated! You can send these to the office.

Lake is Now Hiring!

Parents, we are in need of additional Noon Duty Assistants. One option is a 7.5 hr/week position, meaning just 1.5 hrs per day. You would help as crossing guard in the mornings, and kinder dismissal, plus crossing guard in the afternoon! There is an additional position available, potentially with similar hours. Click here to apply, and please let me know if you do so that I can contact HR direectly. We'd love to have another Dolphin parent on our team!

We are also in need of a Community Liason! This is a full time position, with benefits. Spanish-speaking is a requirement. The purpose of a Community Liaison is to improve communication and student achievement by promoting parent and community involvement in the educational process.

¡También necesitamos un enlace comunitario! Esta es una posición a tiempo completo con beneficios. Hablar español es un requisito. El propósito de un enlace comunitario es mejorar la comunicación y el rendimiento estudiantil al promover la participación de los padres y la comunidad en el proceso educativo.

Important Health & Safety Information

Please see the following important health and safety information: Click HERE

Call into the office each time your child is absent. Do not send your child to school if they are sick. In case you missed it, please see the covid-19 notification. Let's all work together to keep eachother safe during this uncertain time. I encourage all parents and students to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up.

If you ever have questions about how the district is handling health & safety, please check the health & safety page on the VUSD website.

School Drop/Off & Pick-Up Procedures-CLICK HERE

Please read the presentation notes below each slide for more details!