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One Book- One School 2016

So, Why Did We All Wear Yellow Today?!?

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One Book-One School - The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

Thanks to the PTA, Washington will read The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies as our first-ever One Book - One School! We asked staff and students to wear yellow today for our kick-off assembly. The assembly included an intro video by Mr. Babb, which you can view below. We also heard a book talk by Mr. Casper & Mrs. Dillon and a song written by Mr. Casper, which he performed with Mrs. Coover.

Students all received a OBOS yellow bracelet and some informational materials to bring home to parents. If your child brings his/her book home, we encourage you to read and discuss the book as a family.

Each day, a trivia question will be asked on the previous day's chapter. Students with correct answers will be in a class raffle. One student per class will win a prize each day! Prizes include fun yellow and/or lemony items like pencils, stickers, bouncy balls, etc.

Twice during OBOS, primary and intermediate classes will buddy up for fun activities.

This year's book fair April 27-29 will carry the rest of the books in this popular series.

We are very excited to build community around this book! Themes include sibling relationships, competition v. cooperation, and self-acceptance. There are also a lot of math and business connections we can make with students.

Please consider joining in and reading with us!

One Book One School Lemonade War

OBOS Materials

This introductory letter and reading guide should have come home with your child today. You can view copies here:

OBOS Parent Letter English/Spanish

OBOS Reading Guide

OBOS Reading Guide Spanish

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Fundraising for Alex's Lemonade Stand

As part of our OBOS activities, we decided to fundraise for Alex's Lemonade Stand. This charity was begun by a child with cancer. She started her own lemonade stand to try to raise money for cancer research. Her work inspired others to sell lemonade for cancer as well.

We haven't quite reached lemonade stand weather here in Chicagoland, but if you wish to run a stand with your child in the coming weeks and donate the proceeds, we welcome that! We are doing a schoolwide change drive; containers will be in each classroom, the main office, and the book fair.

We have an online donating site as well at the below link. Our school goal is to raise $500. We appreciate any help you can give!

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Documentary