The Weekly Howl

Week of March 5th, 2018

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this first round of ISTEP go off pretty smoothly. I feel like it went really well, and talking to the students most all of them felt very prepared! We will still have a couple of students doing make-up tests next week. Mrs. Folland will be pulling those students from class to test them. IREAD is just around the corner.

Girls Night Out!

We will send out the letter for the girl from your classroom that you'd like to invite on Monday. I will get the letters to you! It will be March 9th, we will leave after school and go to Auburn to the Skatin Station, then go get pizza at Pizza Hut afterwards. Please let me know if you'd like to go!

Field Trips

Please make sure you let the cafeteria know in advance when your field trips are. They need this info so they don't make too much food and so they have your food ready if you need lunches! Also, please let me know in an email of your upcoming field trip dates so I can put them on the calendar. The end of the year gets crazy and I want to make sure we don't schedule something on a day you are going on a field trip.

Spring Pictures

I believe Spring Pictures are on March 13th. Ms. Shrader has the info for that if you need any. Ms. Shrader please correct me on the date if I am wrong! Thanks!

Upcoming Morning Meetings:

Monday, March 5th @ 7:45: Security meeting with Officer Worman in the Robotics Lab.

Tuesday, March 6th @ 7:45: Mr. Wesson JOT lesson on iMovie and the creative ways to use it in the classroom.

Important Dates:

3/12-3/16: IREAD Window 3rd Grade

3/19-5/18: NWEA Spring Testing Window

4/12: WLE 3rd/4th Grade Music Program 6:30-7:30

4/16-5/4: ISTEP Part 2 Window

5/3: WLE 1st/2nd Grade Music Program 6:30pm - 7:30pm

5/29: Tincaps Game @ 7:05 info will come after Christmas Break

6/3: Graduation @2:00