Who Is God

Oumy Faye

My Inquriy Question

Religion is a big topic that is discussed in the world there have been war and sacrifices over it (Person and Amanda Rodriguez), but the truth of the matter is there is only one right religion is it Christianity , Islam, Judaism who is God?, well only you can answer that. My article is basically about who is God and how your environment your parents your peers and where you are located in the world help determine who is God to you.While researching this topic I have come to find out that many religions believe the same thing but there is one big thing that sets them apart and that is who they think God is. In my article I put a pie chart that represent the percentage of people who believe in Christianity ,Islam,and Judaism in the U.S and the big percentage turned out to be Christianity. Then I looked up the same information but for people in West Africa , but this time I got the bigger percent would be Islam this made me think if we were put in a different environment would we have a different view on who god is? Another thing is we all basically take our parents religion. When we are born we don't know the different types of religions and are asked to pick, our religion is chosen for us. The conclusion of my article is there is no answer to who god is ,what he looks like ,or where he is. It is up to you to choose who God is.

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Different Faiths

This article lists the information on different religions and what they believe and who they follow. I decided to focus on the three main religions that are most commonly talked about, which is Islam,Christianity,and Judaism . in the (THE BIG RELIGION CHART) they charted what different types of religions believe. Muslim people study the Quran, Christianity studies the bible and Judaism studies the Torah .in the article it also says that "most religion believe we are here to serve god and worship him.". In this chart it states that Christians believe in eternal hell or heaven or temporary purgatory which means temporary suffering . It states that salvation is through faith in Christ . Muslim people believe in Allah and that they pray five times a day.They believe in keeping a healthy lifestyle meaning not drinking ,smoking, and substance abuse. Islam is based on the teaching of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) they also believe in paradise or hell , they are also not allowed to eat pork. The chart states Jewish people believe that boy must get circumcised at birth,. They worship god at the Synagogue on Saturdays they don't eat pork or non-kosher meat which means they don't eat meat that has not been prayed over.

Islamic Faith

This article talks about the concept of God in the Islamic faith.Based on (Besheer,Mohamed , Pew research center) Muslim people believe in monotheism this means they believe in one God and that He created everyone and has power over everything . They refer to this god as Allah which means God in the Arabic language. Muslim people believe that Allah created them for one purpose and that purpose is to worship him. The Muslim people study the Quran. Muslim people believe that god cannot be seen or cannot be a human, they believe that no one knows what God looks like. They believe that there is a heaven and a hell.Muslim people believe that Allah sent prophets to guide the people in worshiping him, these messengers were Adam,Noah,Abraham,Moses,Jesus,and Muhammad peace be upon all of them.When the last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Quran was left behind to guide the people.Islam teaches that you should only submit to only one god and worship him till you die. There are five commandment in Islam is Shahadah which is claiming and believing “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God’’, Salah and that is prayer this is five times a day, Zakat which is to give to charity if you are financially stabled, Swam which is to fast during the month of Ramadan Muslim people must abstain from food and water, and last is to go to Hajj which is Mecca .

Who is God in the Christian faith

Based on( Deem,Rich) article he try to answer the question based on his faith in Christianity on who is god?, where is god?What does god look like? In Christianity they believe that god is the self existent one, they also believe that god has exited for forever and that we are here to serve god. Also" that God is not a subject to the physical creation" , in the article it states that God is a spirit. That God is not located in the universe the bible states that God is located in heaven . In the article the author continues by saying god fills both heaven and the earth , it also states that “one who follows Jesus believe in god . The Christian people also believe that the love of God prompted him to create a human beings in his image in order to share his love with his creations. In the article the (Deem,Rich) states that in the bible it says that god character remain merciful and even as the times change god will continue to be merciful and loving.The conclusion of this whole article is to explain who ,where and what

Who is god

Who is god? (Dr.Ton Groeneweg ) says depends on how faithful you are to your religion but what most of us don't realize is that our answer to who is god is effected by our parents , society, who we hang around and where we are located in the world, most people are starting to feel like the big fuss over who god is just another era we are facing.

(click on this link to watch a video about what society feels about religion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kktvLypq_y0)


This graph represents the percentage of christian (83%) Jewish 1.4%) And Muslim people (1%) (Pew Research Center and Mohamed ,Besheer).This graph basically shows that where you live affects what you worship. if i were to go to west Africa most of the people there would be Muslim