Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 7, 9th September 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Monday 12th September - Hurlstone Cup Final (netball) - TSB Hub, 11am
  • Monday 19th September - Kissick Eraio Tournament
  • Monday 19th September - BOT Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Thursday 22nd September - McLeod Shield Final - Toko School, 11am
  • Friday 23rd September - Grandparent's Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to make an effort to work well with others

Te reo phrase of the week: haere mai ki te whariki (come to the mat)

Kia ora,

This week we had a giraffe loose in the school! Harold from Life Ed visited all of our classes and specifically focused on digital citizenship with our students. Digital citizenship involves how people conduct themselves online and importantly for our tamariki how they can keep themselves safe and be positive participants in online experiences. Here are a few tips for our parents/caregivers:

  • Children should not use devices in their bedrooms

  • All primary aged children should be off devices by 7:30 pm

  • Children should never accept a friend request from people they don’t know

  • You have to ask for permission before taking someone’s photo and especially before sharing it

  • It’s important to log out of apps on shared devices

  • Never share anything that you wouldn’t show your grandmother

  • Be the best version of yourself online, don’t engage with people who are insulting you, block the users and/or delete the app

  • If something makes you feel uncomfortable online, tell someone who can do something about it, e.g. an adult

  • Children should not be on apps where they are younger than the age restriction, e.g. Snapchat R13, Facebook R13, and Instagram R13

In an increasingly complex digital world, it is wonderful to have some practical tips that our whanau can easily implement at home. The app that crops up time and time again for negative reasons is Snapchat. It is incredibly frustrating when issues are starting between students at home and then they bring them to school. We cannot control what our students do at home so we really count on our parents/caregivers to be proactive in the digital space. Setting time limits for device use, ensuring phones/devices are left on the kitchen table overnight, and checking how your child/ren are communicating online are all important steps for keeping your children safe as well as others.

Matapu History Fact

Apart from the last few years, Matapu School’s roll peaked in the 1950s when it reached a maximum of 154 students.

As of today we currently have no Covid cases within our student population, with 1 within our staff.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

School Notices

Enrolment Notice (out of zone)

Enrolment at Matapu School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from our school office.

The board has determined that we have two out of zone places available at year 7, two at year 5, and two at year 3 for Term 4 2022. The deadline for out-of-zone applications is 3 pm 16th September.

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out-of-zone places is required, it will be held on Tuesday 20th September. Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Kurt Parry, Board of Trustees Presiding Member

Values Awards

Room 1 - Wade for great participation in the Life Ed bus.

Room 2 - Amber for Respect - you have really matured this year! You show respect to both staff and students.

Room 3 - Ashton L for working exceptionally well with others.

Room 4 - Ngaire for being a great role model in Room 4, you are always doing the right thing!

Room 5 - Mackenzie for the great effort you have put in for cross country!

Room 6 - Mia for putting a super effort into all your class work, you are trying so hard!


Ko te pae tawhiti whaia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tina.

Seek out distant horizons, and cherish those you attain.

Room 1

The kids have had some amazing learning experiences this week. Des Hunt on Tuesday was an inspiration and shared his passion for writing and some cool science experiments with the kids. Tuesday/Wednesday we had our sessions with Harold in the Life Ed Bus. This opened some great discussions around our digital footprint and keeping ourselves safe online. It's crazy to think that we just accept scammers as a part of our everyday life now! On Wednesday I took four incredible kids to the Kids Literacy Quiz at Sacred Heart in New Plymouth. They played their hearts out and came away with big smiles. On Thursday Esther from Enviro Schools came in to plant the seedlings she had started with the kids a few weeks ago and today is our school cross country, where for the first time in a long time we get to welcome our parents to the event. What an amazing week in Room One, bring on next week!

Room 2

Room 2 has thoroughly enjoyed the variety of learning that we have been able to engage in this week! The visiting author, Des Hunt, entertained us with some very cool Scientific experiments! He managed to weave Science into writing, explaining that when chemicals mix together, they have a reaction; he went on to say that when key elements of a story mix together, you get a reaction.

Our friendly Harold also turned up and had some chats about Digital Intelligence. We have encouraged each student in Room 2 to check what social media they are using; most social media platforms are at least R13. Much harm can be done when children use social media as they are not cognitively or emotionally able to manage this. Today we had the Cross country! It was exciting to be able to welcome parents to come along as supporters!

Room 3

Room 3 worked together to write a shared story about our week.

We have been starting our days with the Kids Quiz from The Daily News to get better with our general knowledge and grow our curiosity. We have learned some tips and tricks to help us with our nine times tables and play a game called Around the World so we can remember all our tables quickly. We visited Harold in the Life Ed truck and talked about what our bodies need to stay healthy and happy and how this fits with our use of digital technology. We were very lucky to go and see author Des Hunt and hear him talk about how to write a good story that other people want to read. We really liked the way he showed us what he was saying by using chemistry and physics.

Room 4

It has been great to have Harold the giraffe and Donna on the Life Education bus at Matapu this week. We shared lots of our knowledge about how to have a healthy mind and body. We were also treated to visiting author Des Hunt on Tuesday with his awesome science experiments. The children loved his story about a penguin that wanted to live in the tropics too. Our annual cross country race was held today and I am so proud of the fantastic effort the children put into the day. We trained a lot!

Room 5

We have had a wonderful week with many different and exciting things happening. On Monday and Tuesday Room 5 got to visit Donna and Harold in the Life Education truck. We learnt about what we have to do to look after ourselves and our basic needs. It was great to discuss how we look after ourselves and ways we can help our brain and body. Sleep and keeping clean were a big part of this. Thanks Harold and Donna for the visits!

On Tuesday we got to listen to author Des Hunt talk about his life and how he became a published author. We loved the science experiments that he performed and it was interesting to hear how authors whose books were rejected by different publishers later on became famous authors of famous stories.

Lastly, we had been waiting in anticipation for cross country on Friday and it did not disappoint. Miss B is so proud of Room 5 and all the hard work they put into their running this term. They have earned a well deserved rest over the weekend.

Room 6

This week was another full of new and exciting experiences. The ‘Harold Truck’ is always loved by 5 year olds and this time was no different. Donna talked about things we need to do to lead a healthy lifestyle, and we looked at ipads and how they can be a part of it. Things like setting a time limit, keeping hydrated, getting outside for fresh air and exercise, and turning devices off an hour before bedtime all help to keep screen time at a healthy level. Of course the best part was a photo with Harold after our last session, and a tickle under his chin or a heartfelt hug!

We had Des Hunt, a well published author, share his life story with us too. Things got lively when he shared some of his love of science (as a former science teacher) with some whizz bang experiments that really got a reaction from his audience. A couple of ‘explosions’ and some strong magnets kept us wowed!

Needless to say we kept our cross country training up in between- and fingers crossed by the time you read this we will have proudly finished the 2022 Matapu cross country with smiles on our dials!

Community Notices

Big picture

Normanby Athletics Club 2022-2023 Season

First Registration Night & Coaching:

Monday 10th October 5.45pm.

Normanby Domain

Club night is Monday nights

Registrations for all ages. New and previous members welcome.

Contacts Karen Brooks 278 3374 or Steve Gray 272 8445

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