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Do you ever drift off or feel the inability to focus? Have you ever felt the sudden burst of energy and blurt out on impulse? If so, you might have ADHD. ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe has neurotransmitters called Dopamine. Lack of dopamine makes it hard for people with ADHD to focus. ADHD affects three to five precent of children in American schools. ADHD is an inherited trait; if your parents have it then you most likely will. Many people with ADHD have average intelligence or higher.

ADHD makes organizing life challenges more difficult, and it can impact how people interact with social situations. In the article, "Social Problems of Children with ADHD," the author talks about social difficulties people with ADHD go through. People with ADHD are rejected by their peers and because of that sometimes drop out of school and make bad decisions. If you're experiencing an inability to focus, you can work with doctors and counselors to figure out a method to treat ADHD. It's important to treat ADHD with medicine, therapy, and other strategies because they are useful methods. With improved treatment and medication, people can cope with it and live an organized life. They can live very healthy, productive and happy life. This has improved the way people think about people with ADHD.

five to know before you go

  • ADHD has had many names over the years begining with hyperkinesis
  • In 1998 an ADHD confrence was held bringing the worlds experts of the disorder.
  • ADHD cases have risen in recent years 9.5 precent n 2012.
  • Bejamin Franklin may of had ADHD.
  • ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder of childhood


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