Frenchtown News

February 2016

Looking for used tablets

Do you have any used tablets that you might consider donating? At Frenchtown, we are fortunate to have many resources to support learning at home, including IXL Math and Razz Kids. Unfortunately, some of our families don't have access to electronic devices. If you have any tablets to donate, we could put these devices in the hands of children who could certainly benefit.

Your generosity is appreciated!

In our classrooms...

Parent curriculum links:



Counting to 100 and representing quantities to 20



Tapping to spell words

Decoding words

Alphabetical Order




With prompting and support, identify the main topic and retell key details of a


Grade 1:


Envisions Unit 16 Geometry

-Describing equal parts of whole objects -Making halves and fourths of shapes

Sorico 3.1 Problem Solving


- Unit 3.1

For the month of February students will be working on the components of a persuasive writing piece


-New Plants Science Kit:

Students are recording plant observations using the techniques of drawing,labeling, and captioning


Coming soon!…… Monday, February 8th @1:00 performance of “Alphabet Adventures and Sometimes Y”

Grade 2:


Second graders will continue practicing both three-digit addition and three-digit subtraction problems.


In celebration of February being African-American history month, we will be reading about famous African- Americans .


Don’t forget that using IXL for math and RAZ Kids for reading are fun ways for your children to reinforce the skills they have been learning in school.

As Always…..Safety First…………….

When dropping your child off in the morning, please consider the safety procedures outlined in the letter from Laidlaw Education Services which was recently sent home. Those procedures relative to drop off/and pick up at school are:

  • At the schools there are designated parking areas for buses only and fire lanes that need to be clear at all times. Please ensure that during drop off and pick up times you are not parked in these zones. These lanes are wide enough so the buses can make their turns. It takes extra room to turn the buses and accommodate the “tail swing” after the buses make the turns.

  • There is a “Danger Zone” 10 feet around the outside of the whole school bus. We need to keep children, parents, and vehicles out of that area because there is a lack of visibility in these areas.

  • When children are crossing the road in front of the bus, please let the driver cross them. Please don’t walk across the street to get them. We have excellent monitors in the East Greenwich community. They work as a team with the driver to insure the children cross properly and safely. They have been trained in the proper procedures. Please let the team on your child’s bus do the job for which they have been trained.

Morning Announcements

Our theme for February’s morning announcements will be “Celebrating America’s Diversity” with focus on:

Working for Peace, I’m Unique and Unrepeatable, It Makes America Great, and Tolerance in Our Global Village.

Morning Supervision—Is today indoor or outdoor supervision?

As you drop your child off in the morning, there may be a bus cutout in the front window of the office. If you see this sign, that indicates that supervision before the bell will be held inside. Students who are eating breakfast or ordering lunch are asked to go to the cafeteria. All other students are asked to wait in the gym. There is a designated area for each grade level in the gym.

If you see the sign and children are inside, please drop your child off on the side of the building as you would any other day. The first door on the left, past the Kindergarten playground will be open for all students being dropped off by 8:10 a.m.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

How do you help your child to celebrate while supporting East Greenwich Schools’

Wellness Policy?

Never fear! Although we are not allowed to distribute candy to students, non-edible treats can be added to your Valentine cards. All of these items can be purchased quite inexpensively from your local party supply store. They should cost about the same as it would cost to buy candy.

• Valentine pencils

• Small tubs of store bought or homemade play dough

• Temporary tattoos

• Valentine erasers

• Coloring books

• Silly Putty

• Small toys

• Stickers

• Glow sticks

• Bubbles

• Pencil toppers

• Origami paper and instructions

• Tooth brushes

Please avoid sending balloons or other latex items due to allergies that may be present in the classroom.

Happy Birthday to our Frenchtown Friends:

February 2: Miss Lyons

February 3 Dylan M.

February 4: Ryder G., Lacie P.,Jonathan S. and Mrs. Cooper.

February 6: Campbell K.

February 7: Matthew N.