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The Gratitude Experience: Part 3

Happy Monday!!!

It’s Thanksgiving week! Ahh I love this time of year. The food is great, quality time with familiy is amazing, and the sweet seasonal reminder to be thankful puts a huge smile on my face!

We’re now at the middle of our series and I’m thrilled that this topic – making sound nutritional choices – just so happens to fall on the week in which we tend to indulge, cast away our dietary goals and wallow in self-shame while recalling our failure to exercise skills of self-control.

Not this year I tell you! You’ve got this and with a little help and motivation, you are going to charge into Thursday confident that you can face the Thanksgiving feast knowing that Friday will come, there will be no shame, no regret and in fact…you are going to feel great!

So great, you might just toss on those sneaks and hit the pavement!

Here’s how this will go down! First you are going to stick the words “be grateful” to the forefront of your brain. This is going to help anchor you to the “why” behind your decisions. If this doesn’t make sense, it basically means that your appreciation for all you have will serve as a good reminder to step back, assess and be sensible.

This is not where I tell you to eat this and not that. We’ll save that for another day. It is, of course, Thanksgiving! However, if you want to do your best, keep these tips in mind:

  • Grab a smaller dinner plate
  • Serve items in smaller platters and dishes to promote smaller servings
  • Choose sensible portions – 3 ounces of lean meat looks like a deck of cards; a small baked potato is the size of a computer mouse; 1 cup of cooked pasta or rice is equal to a tennis ball
  • Plan for leftovers. Think about those turkey sandwiches you will make and the sweet potatoes you will have for lunch
  • Drink lots of water (it helps fill you up)
  • Fill your plate with veggies so you have less room for dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing and other starchy options
  • Enjoy a slice of pie (16 slices per pie means a reasonable sized serving)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May we all take a moment to appreciate all our blessings!

In good health and much gratitude,


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