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September 9, 2016

Trexler Middle School - Promoting Excellence

Welcome Events for Sixth Graders

We are excited about our sixth graders joining Trexler and held several events this week to welcome them. On Thursday afternoon our PTO held a dance exclusively for our sixth graders. Then on Friday our PTO hosted Lunch on the Lawn to provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, and sixth grade students to get to know one another as we enjoyed hot dogs and cold sodas.

A Day/B Day Schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays are always A Day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are always B Day. Fridays usually alternate between A Day and B Day, unless we miss a day of school that week (holiday, weather day, etc.).

From our Data Manager, Mrs. Rowntree

Absence excuse notes that are written by parents need to include the following information:

-student first AND last name

-date of absence

-REASON for absence (a listing of excusable absences is available in the student handbook)

-parent signature

Afternoon Tutoring Schedule

Our core teachers offer afternoon tutoring throughout the school year. Students are able to stay on designated days from 2:15 until 3:00 as long as parents have sent in written permission for the days they are wishing to stay. The teacher and students will meet parents in front of the school promptly at 3PM. The schedule is as follows:

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Our football team is off to a great start, beating their first two opponents, Brewster Middle and Hunter’s Creek Middle. Monday we will have a home game against Northwoods Park Middle. Students are reminded that if they attend the game without parents, they should arrange for a ride home by 7:30PM. All home games are played at Richlands High stadium. The cost of admission is $4.

Our first home softball game will be September 14 at 4:00PM. Students are reminded that if they wish to attend the game, they should first go home. Then return at game time. Students are not allowed to hang out at the school to wait for the game.

Success in the Mornings

A great way to help students arrive at school with all needed items is to teach them to gather their school items before bed. Students who come to school prepared are more successful. This also reduces classroom disruptions.


Thursday night, September 8 we had our AVID Parent Night and Contract Signing event. Attendance was great! If you had to miss the event, you will want to contact your child's AVID teacher to find out what you missed and to make arrangements to sign the contract. Although we are AVID school-wide, the contracts are only required for students enrolled in the AVID elective.

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We are Trexler Middle Falcons!

School Hours

School Begins-7:15 am

School Ends-2:15 pm

Office Hours

6:45 am to 3:30 pm