Weekly Roundup 8

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Principal's Note

I hope your family was able to enjoy the extremely nice weather this weekend. It always amazes me how we go from 90 degrees and high humidity to 50 degrees in the morning and the temperatures this weekend. Mother Nature must have known what we all needed- especially 8th graders at recess. We all came in hot and sweaty. I was thinking about adding a deodorant station at the door for when we walk in! All kidding aside, having some extra deodorant in bookbags or lockers may be a good idea. When I walked in the hallway after our outside incentive on Friday, there was a nice sweaty teenage smell in the hallways. Please remind your child that it may be necessary to reapply in the bathroom during the day.

We had a great "Start With Hello" week. Our students engaged with all of the activities we asked them to do. We stressed noticing others that are not in their "group" and learning their names. Ask your child if they know the names of everyone in their classes. If not, challenge them to learn two new names each day. When they come home, ask them if they met anyone new. Then encourage them to simply say "Hello (insert name)" when they pass them in the hallway or see them in class.

On Friday our 6th and 8th graders were placed in a somewhat uncomfortable situation for some. They drew numbers to sit with a group at lunch that they do not normally sit with. We had conversation cards available to start a conversation and we encouraged them to find something in common with the others at their table. Some had a hard time asking others at their table their name. Others tried to carry on a conversation with their friends a few tables away. It was challenging for them. Sixth grade seemed more comfortable with it than eighth grade. I wonder if that's because by 8th grade groups are tightly formed and looking around outside that group at others around isn't natural to them? These are skills we want to teach our students. We want them to learn how to talk to others that are unlike them, how to include others, and how to carry on a conversation with people they may not completely know. Although it was challenging, they did really well for it being the first time. I am hoping we will be able to give seventh grade the same opportunity.

Monday, students will participate in a big kick off for our school fundraiser for this year! The fundraiser will run for the next two weeks. Your child will receive a "Golden Ticket" tomorrow with directions for how they can earn the first three prizes. Earning prizes is tied to participation, not the amount of money raised. The company is providing some really amazing prizes that our students will love. Our school is also doing several competitions between grade levels, teams, and homerooms. On October 26th, we will have a "Day of Awesomeness." More information about this day will come out soon! It will be a day for us to celebrate what we are able to accomplish over the next two weeks. Thank you in advance for helping the students at Springfield Middle School.

Together in Education,

Mrs. Matkovich

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This edition includes:

  • Important Dates
  • Dress Up Days for Spirit Week
  • Day of Service
  • Applying to be a Volunteer
  • Lost and Found
  • 8th Grade PSAT
  • Volunteering to Read Aloud to a Group
  • Let Me Run
  • Yearbook
  • Early Dismissal Procedure Reminder

Important Dates

  • September 26th - Kick Off for our School Fundraiser
  • September 30th - Our first early release day. Remember that school will end at 1:10 PM.
  • October 3 - 1st SIC Meeting. Those on the SIC board will be there. However, all are invited to attend.
  • October 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th -- Spirit Week for our last home football game.
  • October 10th - 14th -- Nine Weeks Exams
  • October 12th - PSAT for 8th Graders
  • October 17th - Teacher Workday
  • October 18th - Last Day of 1st Quarter
  • October 21st - Grades are due in Power School.
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Applying To Be A Volunteer

We need you!

To help ensure safety, background screens for volunteers are necessary. If you have submitted your information in prior school years, please confirm with us that you are on the approved list before completing an application again. You may email Mrs. Beach at beachk@fortmillschools.org.

Please follow the link below to submit your online application to volunteer. In order to submit a background check, you must have a social security number and driver's license. Without these documents, a full and complete background check cannot be performed. You must use your full legal name when completing the form.



We will be donating our Lost and Found items at the end of each month. The end of September is coming soon. Next Friday, we will clear out our Lost and Found bins and take them to Goodwill. Please remind your child to check all three Lost and Found containers in our school if they are missing anything. We have sweatshirts, lunch boxes, and water bottles. If we find a name on the item, we will return it to the student. Therefore, please start putting names on everything. This will ensure your child receives their items back.

Helping Our Students Read

We need volunteers from 8:10 - 8:28 each day of the week. If you couldn't volunteer every morning, we would still be able to use you!

Click Here to Volunteer


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Yea! We have an assistant coach. The team will meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons beginning in mid October.

The sign-up site to sign up your son is https://www.pinwheel.us/register/index/UP-F22?sid=775c93fd44f14949904712c3f57454cc

It is a fantastic program! Any grade can be involved. Please reach out if you are able to help coach. The season ends in December with a 5K race. Seeing the faces on the boys when they cross the finish line is priceless.

Have you ordered your yearbook yet? You don't want to miss out! It is always an amazing work put together by students and Ms. Keefer.


Class time is valued and we strive to interrupt class periods as little as possible.

  • When your child requires early dismissal, on the day of dismissal, send a signed, handwritten NOTE to school with your child that includes date and dismissal time.
  • When your child arrives at school, he/she should bring the note to Mrs. Kilyanek’s (Miss K) room and she will mark your child’s agenda with the dismissal time.
  • At dismissal time, your child will meet you in our front office - please sign your child out on the front office computer.
  • If your child must leave early and has not brought in a note, we will call your child to the office during the next class change. You are welcome to wait in our front office lobby.
  • We realize emergencies happen - if you have one and must interrupt class time, we will ask that you first speak with an administrator.
  • Students will not be dismissed after 2:40 PM. They must wait for the 3:10 dismissal bell.