By Riley Peters


Desperation by Stephen King, is a book that follows many different family's/ people's point of view. The similarity between all of them, is that they are all traveling through the desert on the same road. Anyone that has ever read a Stephen King can say that they generally have some weird or creepy character or killer. That is no different in this one. In the town, Desperation, there lives only one person who also happens to be a cop, and a psychopath. He finds ways to pull over people traveling down the highway and takes them to Desperation and either locks them in jail, or kills them. One of the people that this cop kidnaps just happens to be a famous writer. He is traveling across the country and has a semi-truck following him in the distance to watch out for him. The semi-driver realizes that something went wrong and that the writer is in trouble and he has to find a way to save the writer.

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Desperation is set in a town in the desert called Desperation, Nevada. A lot of the book takes place in the basement of the jail which is where the actual cells are. It takes place during modern times, yet is in a part of the United States that is older and run down.


Like with most of the books Stephen King writes, the main theme of Desperation is the battle between good and evil. The police officer represents evil. This is apparent due to him having powers like being strangely strong and being able to talk to and make animals do his bidding. The good is everyone who opposes him, including all the people in jail that he has kidnapped.

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Even though I didn't finish the whole book yet, I would still recommend that everyone read this book if they aren't afraid of some strange things that go on in the book. I love when a book is dark and scary and this book gave me exactly what I wanted and more. Within one of the first few chapters, the book described the cop pushing a toddler down stairs and killing her. After I read that, I knew that the book would have no problem being dark, but after that, I also have to keep reading until this psycho is brought to justice.

Trailer: Stephen King's "Desperation"