Logic Plan

Hala ~ Paree ~ KK ~ Ethan K.

Our idea is to build a greenhouse to save money and energy. The greenhouse will be efficient to our school in many ways. Follow along to hear more...

The Details

Things to Change
  • how long "recess" is at lunch
  • where kids are aloud to roam
Why It's Good For Our Situation?
  • saves energy
  • saves money
  • provides fresh food
  • teaches kids responsibility and care for the world
Things to Contemplate
  • The plants will need just the right amount of water
  • Sunlight is a very important factor ~ meaning electrical should be installed incase the sun doesn't peek out

Who's Gonna Do The Work?

Cole Distributors
  • they will deliver, install, and go over details about the greenhouse
  • they make specific greenhouses for schools
The Maintenance
  • everybody can go out and help water, care, and make compost for the greenhouse

*We Would Have to Get Approval From the School Board of Coppell and Mrs. Froese

The Cost

Little Costs

  • soil, plants, seeds cost around 500 dollars
  • greenhouse delivery, construction, furnishings - around 6,500 - 7,000
Big Cost

  • around 7,000- 8,000

*might want to get an inspection of greenhouse site just to make sure nothing is wrong/shows up unexpectedly adding extra costs

Around $300


The End

  • This is a very efficient plan because we save money and energy
  • We're teaching kids responsibility
The Pros and Cons

  • a pro is that we have fresh foods
  • a con is that it takes time for us to get our end deal


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