A Good Man is Hard to Find

Short Summary

This story is about a family that wants to go on vacation. Their first choice for vacation is Florida but the recent escape of a killer named "The Misfit" changed their mind, so they traveled north to Tennessee. Along the way they met a guy named Sammy at the bar. Him and the grandmother have a conversation about not trusting people. After that they continue on and turn onto a dirt road that the grandma thought she remembered from long ago. Turns out that the house wasn't in Georgia. The cat the grandma brought along with her made Bailey crash and flip the car. A black car pulls up to them and it turns out to be the Misfit. In the end the Misfit kills everyone after the grandma fails to counsel him.

Character List

Bailey - Dad

John Weasley, June Starr - Kids

Grandma - Grandma

The Misfit - Escaped Convict

Hiram - henchman

Sammy - owner of the bar


Asphyxiate - kill by depriving of air

Bespectacled - a person wearing eyeglasses

Pickaninny - a small black child

Knack - a skill at performing a certain task

Literary Devices

Realism - This story is something that could really happen and does happen to families.

Good vs. Evil - The grandmother tries to pray with The Misfit and tries to get to him. The grandmother is portrayed as good and the Misfit is evil..

Religion - The grandmother is praying with the Misfit and tries to show him Jesus

A Way to Remember

The title of the story is "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and in the end a man ends up killing an entire family proving that good men are hard to find.